Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ode to the Condo

So I will get to posting about other stuff that has happened this week later...BUT tonight I must write an Ode to the Condo.

Today Michael and I helped our friends Bailey and Tim move out of the "Condo".

What is the "Condo" you ask?! Well the condo was the happenin' spot during my undergrad years. When people were looking for a place to hang out, have fun, and not be in the dorms everyone would head out to the "Condo".  Tim's parents own the condo by the way. We would hang out to the wee hours in the morning and sometimes stay the night there. Whether it was board games, New years eve parties (multiple), Super bowl parties, movie night, parties, dinners, hanging out, or just a gathering place I have ALWAYS loved the Condo. The "Condo" really was the meeting point of all our friends and now Bailey and Tim are moving on to bigger and better things in their lives like real jobs! I am sad to see them leave Lexington but excited to see what the future holds for these dear friends!!

P.S. Bay and Tim have a great group of friends (ahem, including us). Why?! Cause we rocked that move out session, we emptied that place like it was our business! And then afterwards we sat on the floor and ate pizza, altogether for the last time in the condo. It's funny cause a lot of the pictures you see here we are laying on that same area on the floor that we ate our final pizza lunch today. That place will be greatly missed, and now I will honor it with a few pictures of the fun times we had:
Ring around the Rosie with a giant cupid balloon!! Freshman year of college

New years eve...Dec. 31, 2010...tummy haha

everyone at New Years

Tummy ha ha freshman year of college...can you tell how camera quality has increased?

New years

New Years Dec. 31, 2009

I just had to add this, I think it's hilarious!! Poor Bailey! :)

The girls, sometime in the summer, 2010

hanging out in the kitchen
Well, that's about all I could dig up in about 10 minutes, but obviously we had some fun times! You will be missed dearly Condo!

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