Friday, July 1, 2011

Catching you up on life + 1st Anniversary day!

Hey guys, whew, at least I can finally say I am done with that test for now. Ok, it was terrible. You know I always say that rightt?! well this is for reals, like I honestly gave up at the end, I wanted to bang my head on a computer screen. After 3 1/2 hours of staring at a test I finally gave in and let the stupid thing win. And now i"ll have to sit and wait for 3 months to find out I failed and then sit to take it again in the fall/winter...booo that....oh well for now I will move on with my life, cause there's nothing I can do about it now...good attitude right?!

Anywhoooo lets get back to the Madisonville trip. It feels like it's been ages since I talked about it. If you wanna catch up you can find out about Friday and Saturday by clicking on the days!

While waiting for breakfast I snapped these pictures of Michael...

(he's a cutie!)

Wanna hear about breakfast of morning 2 at the B&B?! WELLLL... Saturday night the Ruby Lodge had altogether 6 guests including us, so for breakfast Sunday morning we had new friends to chatter with! One was the mother and daughter combo in the room next to us who went to Maggie's wedding and the other was a couple from North Georgia (canton?) celebrating their 27th annivesary, they had never been to Kentucky and wanted to explore it a bit. We felt lame compared to their 27 years but they happily wished us a happy anniversary as well!!

Breakfast was delicious AGAIN! We had yogurt again with berries but this time instead of granola we had slivers of almonds on top. (sorry we didn't take pictures, I felt awkward because the other guests would have thought I was weird!) Then we had some cheese danish...mmm... then Shirley brought out a homemade quiche with zucchini, onion, and red peppers. I love me some zucchini and I had never had it in a quiche before. It was soooo good and filling!! Chalk up another one for the Ruby Lodge and their delish breakfasts!!

After breakfast we showered and started to get ready to leave since it was another stormy day in Western Kentucky. Before we left Michael gave me this super cute card...

that looks time consuming! (it says 365 for the number of days we've been married, if you are having a hard time reading it!) And then Michael snapped a photo of me lounging on the bed watching tv in my new target purchase. SUPER comfy LONG dress!

seriously, so comfortable to wear on a car ride home plus you don't have to sit like a lady in it, which I believe is the best part!

So Michael and I sadly packed up and got on our way back home. About halfway though I had to stop for a delicious and nutritious snack...right?!? of course a McDonald's small fry and a snack size M&M McFlurry!

Then other stuff happened that I won't bore you with. Picked up the pups, they immediately crashed once we got home, they always have SO much fun at the "Grandparents" house with their large fenced in back yard!

Then it was off to bible study. What were we doing for bstud this week? Well since its the summer we were going Putt-Putt golfing! YIPPEE! Michael and I decided that since we didn't get any workouts in during the weekend that we could maybe run there from our house considering it's only 2.4 miles away!! WHEW, that was tiring. Michael is much faster than me AND Alumni road is SOOOO hilly, you don't realize these things until you actually run on them!! As we were running 2 different couples from our bstud honked and waved at us! We actually beat one of the couples because they got lost!! Then once everyone had arrived we played 2 rounds of miniature golf. This takes a long time when you have like 12 people playing!

Naturally the girls and guys split up between holes.  Here are some super cute pics...yes the boys were there but they really didn't take fun pictures and the pictures we do have they aren't really standing together:
this is at the Ark...remember our putt putt is bible themed!

Doesn't this make that Celine Dion song just pop into your head?! Neaaarrrr Faaaarrrr whereeeeevvveerrr you are ....

Another cute one minus Nicole
And a little proof that the boys were there
We had a great time playing and worked up an appetite so we headed to Waffle House!!!! WhOOP WHOOP! The girls and guys sat at booths that backed up to each other and we enjoyed delightful breakfast for dinner, you know I love that!

After filling myself to the brim with a waffle and a LARGE bowl of grits Michael and I arrived home realizing we had to "eat" our wedding cake. It was a kinda scary process, like sipping the milk that is dated a few days old, not knowing if it's gonna be ok. Since Michael and I were sooo full we just had a tiny pinch, how romantic haha! (I did try to eat the cake a day or two later, it was ok just WAY to sugary, so I ended up throwing it out!)
So nice to have this honker out of the freezer!


Here weeee goooo!! Its our champagne cake with almond something or other icing
What a great day!! I loved spending alone time with the hubby and then getting to spend  a super fun, stress-free evening with some of the best friends in the world!!

One other thing I wanted to posted before I forgot about it and it slipped into oblivion was the dinner I made Monday night. It was apple chicken sausage  Sweet and Sour Stir Fry!! I picked up Johnsonville's new chicken sausage (apple chicken sausage) with a coupon earlier and looked for recipe to make with it, luckily Johnsville had a recipe on their website and it was superb and healthier for an Asian meal!! (Michael loves sausage, like chicken, pork, whatever so I knew he'd like this). We loved the pineapple and the recipe was SO easy to make, I would definitely recommend checking it out!

Besides ALLLL of that, that's about it. I'm gonna head out to Flo Critt for the evening. I hope you enjoy your Friday evening too!!


  1. Seriously, I want that dress. I looked for it in my size today, no luck. Should have bought it the first time it caught my eye (in blue!)

    Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you exam, I hope you don't have to take it over!!

    I like how you can still see the design on the outside of you cake, how cute!

  2. I am SUPER glad our cake lady has agreed to make us a fresh replica of our top layer :)