Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warning: Lame excuse post

Hey guys, so I'm gonna have to put off another anniversary day post because for some reason these CPA exams put me in a weird funk where I don't want to do ANYTHING, like cleaning (which I don't mind doing), studying, exercising, or anything. So instead we met friends for Froyo tonight so I could relax my mind a little and now I must get a good nights rest so I can become one of these:
Hopefully tomorrow brings my last CPA exam. But honestly folks, not feeling too good about this one at all. I feel like my brain is at capacity and I've had a hard time remembering things, so it's kinda freaking me out....oh goes nothing!


  1. Thoughts and prayers go out for you cutie!! Aunt Carin

  2. PS - not feeling like cleaning, studying, or working out is not a funk - that's normal! :)