Monday, June 13, 2011

Recent Summery Purchases

So I didn't want to overwhelm  my post with too much stuff last night but I wanted to show off 2 others recent purchases from one of my fav stores, Target!! Dustin got me a $30 gift card for my birthday and I was ready to spend it. I never have a problem spending money at Target, everything is so cute and affordable!!

I was looking at the clearance rack in the workout clothes department and I found this sweet deal, it's a workout tank and it only cost $7.25! AWESOME! It's perfect for this summer running and the color makes me look/feel tan!! And it's not cotton, which is what I always run in cause I'm cheap and don't buy workout clothes cause they are so expensive, so the shirt is actually breathable! I wore it on my 6 mile run last night!
 My second purchase was found with the help of the hubs. This super cute and comfy cotton belted dress was only $24.99 and I love it! Perfect for summer as well! I wore it all day Saturday with no complaints!

Well yes, that's it, but I wanted to share my great deals. So I spent about $34 dollars and 2 things that I will frequently use this summer! (I also purchased some new sunglasses, the original reason for going there because mine had broken and I love their cheap sunglasses, sorry no picture!)

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  1. Hey, must be in the blood - your momma was the super bargain shopper of all time!! Aunt Carin