Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How I Worked out Wednesday

So I thought it would be nice to get some consistency into my blog and also some accountability. So I decided to start posting a "How I Worked out Wednesday" and list the workouts I did in the previous week. I feel that health and exercise is very important for everyone so why not talk about it a little, it wouldn't hurt, plus I wouldn't be boring you with the daily what-I-did stuff!! So let's try it out and see how it feels...
Because Reese is awesome and likes to workout too!

So I won't actually be discussing my workout from Wednesday but everything leading up to that, here we goooooooo:

Wednesday: Ran 6 miles. This was my death run that I felt like I was going to vomit the entire time.

Thursday: Walked the dogs 2-ish miles. I wasn't feeling well (had a tummy-ache) so I decided a brisk walk with the pups would suffice for a workout

Friday: No real workout: work, pool, NKY..BUT I did dance for a few hours and I was pretty sweaty, so I will count that

Saturday: Was I alive Saturday?! UH no, I was the corpse of a person. AKA, I was TIRED! Remember?! Yeah, sorry, lazy!

Sunday: uh oh, already missing 2 days in a row?! Whaaa?! Well yes, Michael and I planned on going to the gym after church but it didn't end up happening. Lazy-kins?! si senor! (**see, this is why I need this, so I don't go 3 full days without working out, bad Ashley!**)

Monday:  AWESOME workout day! Met Katrina at the gym and did the 20-minute "Guns" class. This week was a killer compared to last, we did about a million push ups and other things, I can barely drive today, so sore! Then we hit up some "Turbo Kick" - 50 minutes of intense Kickboxing to dance music cardio (I've discussed this class in a previous post). I was SO sweaty in this class, it was a great workout though, woke up to sore thighs from this class!

Tuesday: Another awesome workout. Rode my bike up to the JC and back, altogether about 4.5 miles. I think I could have made it up there in about the same time if I had ran, honestly, I am not very good at biking, it makes me tired. I think my bike is too heavy...anyone wanna buy me a shiny pretty road bike?! At the gym I did some interval running. Here's what it panned out to be:

1 mile - Warm up at 6.8
2 miles of 1 minute intervals: 6.9, 8.5, 6.9, 8.5, etc.
1 mile - Cool down at 7.0

I did 4 miles in about 33  minutes, and man was I sweaty and tired from sprinting, what I great workout though, totally enjoyed it!

**Michael also worked out tonight in a different way-- there was an intramural 5k at the JC and he ran in it. I had no idea and was on my way to workout when he informed me. About 12 people ran in it (teheee!) but Michael came in 3rd! It apparently was on a cross country course and the grass was super long, so it was hard! I informed Michael that yes, cross country is hard, I did it for 4 years! Apparently there was a guy pushing a stroller through this crazy long grass, which I view as impressive!

So that's the weekly wednesday workout review -- does anyone like it? Should I keep doing it? Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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