Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend in Review

So it feels like I haven't written a real post in a while. But in reality it's only been like 2 days!!?? I feel like I have a lot to catch you up on though! So why don't I get started?!

Friday at Flo Critt ---

Since I've been lacking ideas for things to do with the girls lately, my absolutely adorable friend Kellie offered to come offering her creative genuis.
Kellie is on the right. The girl in the middle is Katie, she got engaged last week! Anyway, Kellie makes super cute hair accessories like these:
So I thought she could come and teach us how to make them!! Only 2 girls were there and we had super limited time but I was able to make one for myself. I wore it on Saturday and got a ton of compliments, ya'll these things are easy to make, so come and hang out with me and make them! Also, I LOVED getting to chat with Kellie during our car ride there and back. I feel like I haven't seen her in forever, but keep up with her through her blog!

Here's my hair piece thingy majig (not as good as hers but I tried):

Then came Saturday:

It was the Amachi cookout time! All of Adrielle's siblings, her Mom, Michael, and the kids' mentors headed to the cookout, it was a toasty day (I had sweat marks on the front of my shirt, gross!), but fun and free food was had. Here are a few pics I captured:
Jumpy things for the chillins!

Adrielle (with super cute hair) chowin' down on her burger!
Adrielle's sister snapped this, silly fence gettin' in the way!
Sisterly lovin'!
For some reason, Adrielle doesn't like to have her picture taken SOME times
After the event I headed home to work on some Becker stuff until the plans we had later in the night came. After some studying, I decided Michael and I deserved a sweet treat, so we headed to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Chinoe to split a Strawberry-Banana-Pineapple Smoothie, the perfect drink for a hot day. We then headed to Target, my sunglasses had broken earlier in the week and I HAD to have some more, I can't squint all day folks!! I also picked up a super cute cotton dress AND a running tank top which was only $7.50! What a deal!

Then the real fun started, and sadly I have no pics documenting cause I was having too much fun to remember to take pictures. We met up with 5 other couples in our Bstud to bowl. Bowling was awesome, we had a great time, danced, laughed, it was great. Afterwards we weren't ready to leave each other yet so we headed to Winchells (restaurant/bar). We got a table for 12 and the boys promptly plopped down on one side and the girls on the other. We bantered while we waited for appetizers and pitchers for the boys and margaritas for the girls. The fun continued and it was a great night. I LOVE my bstud group, you don't even know. I don't know what I would do without them! P.S. tonight we had actual bstud and it was awesome too. 2 rounds of Scribblish was played and we discussed Natural Disasters and God's involvment/lack of involvement in them. The conversation was very interesting!

Sunday was basically the usual, so I won't bore you with the normal details!! OH but ONE thing.... I kinda sorta have a I am signing my acceptance to my job!!!!!

HIP HIP HOORAY! ALSO, I turned in our MFS paper for my 4 day class, so I now officially have 1 class left until I have my Masters in Accounting!!

Well I NEED to go now. It is almost 11:45 and I am leaving EARLY in the morning to go with Michael to Ashland until Wednesday, should be an interesting experience (I haven't packed yet, eekk!) Later!


  1. yay for the job (and yay for looking cute while signing the papers!). let me know what you think of ashland. it's really not so bad when you live in a house with internet, cable and fewer plastic-covered pieces of furniture. mamaw used to have some super cool toys in the basement.

  2. Your hair thing turned out cute!!!! we really do need to hang out again soon, that was so fun :)

  3. MB - So I can steal some very low quality wifi from the school. But Facebook is blocked haha!! Any suggestions on things to do or restaurants to eat at? Michael said the couch upstairs used to be in the basement and covered with plastic, too bad I missed out on that!!

    Kel - THanks!