Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ashland Day 3 a Day late

So i wanted to share my Day 3 in Ashland this evening and post those pictures from the first day that I was unable to post, so here are the pics! (I sadly only took pics the first day, how lame am I?):
This is where we ate our not so good meal, smiling because it's before we ate!

Purty sweet "Ashland" bench

Let's take silly pictures while we wait...


The light fixtures at the table, tin cans

Michael thought the booth was the perfect background for picture taking

Hence, more awkward single shots

He wanted a serious smile one

This was actually a yummy part of our meal. Fried zucchini! YUM!

My not so good meal up front and Michael's good Orange Chicken in the background
Yeah, so those are really the only pictures I took. I'm sorry to bore you! So lets move on to Ashland Day 3.

The day started with a morning run. It was hot again, and the hills were still there, boo hills! I ran anyway, and walked a lot less than I did the day before. But something about running in Ashland made me feel like I was going to die!! When I returned Michael headed out to work and my waiting began.

I studied until about 11:50 when Michael's Mom --Jan-- and Grandma --Mamaw-- arrived at the house. You see, Jan volunteered to bring me back to Lex. OH and guess who else was with her?! My 2 furry men, that is right! I was so happy to see them and apparently they had been extremely well-behaved during their stay at Grandma and Grandpa Kasten's house and the drive to Ashland! :) Always a plus!

When they arrived Jan drove me a little around Ashland, showing me houses and other landmarks and then we plopped down for some good ol' Panera. After lunch we headed back to Mamaw's stifling, A/C free house. We sat and chatted and hung out until Michael returned home around 4:30. To get out of the heat we decided it was time for dinner and headed to Giovanni's, a local pizza chain. We had some pretty standard pepperoni pizza and then headed to the grocery to stock Michael up on food and get Mamaw her favorite kind of bread that they don't sell in Lexington.

After doing a few chores around the house it was time to pack up and leave the hubs behind! :( The puppies jumped in the car and quickly fell asleep. They were so good when we left them during the day alone, we don't normally keep them out of their cages when we are gone cause we don't trust Mr. Carson yet, well he was nothing but good. The drive back to Lexington was all good. Jan took me through Grayson on our way out to show us the HUGE hill Mamaw used to have to walk every day and man the road was LONG. She really did have to walk uphill both ways!! Sheesh!.

I was back home by 10:30ish and tired as could be, but I had to read up on a few of my blogs that I had fallen behind on ...and that was about it. that was Ashland Day 3!

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  1. no wonder cj maggie's was awful-- you got vegetables! stick to the pizza and toll house pie.