Saturday, June 11, 2011

THE Summer Day

Yesterday I experienced all things summer...alright alright, no I didn't but I did do some summery things during the day that I thoroughly enjoyed!

After getting up early and workin/studying for 5 hours I headed to the pool to meet my friend/classmate Shelley at her apartment complex's pool. The pool was packed and felt like spring break. Apparently the pool is dead during the week but Friday was the day to hang out and drink at the pool for everyone else. So since all the chairs were taken Shelley and I laid our towels on the concrete and sat with our legs dipped in the pool for a bit. I had a great time with Shelley, we chatted all afternoon and there never seemed to be a lull in the conversation! Eventually some chairs opened up and we ran to grab them, oh how awesome the chairs felt after laying on the concrete! After a few hours at the pool it was time to head home, a storm was coming in and we (being pretty fair girls) thought it was best to head in. I definitely got some sun which I am proud of.

After the pool I came home to let out the pups and rest for a bit. The sun really takes it out of you even when you aren't even doing much! Then I headed to Zumba at the JC. Always a fun time, even though I really did lack energy and my back was kind of messed up from doing Zumba toning the day before (it's doing zumba with 3 lb weights in your hands the whole time!).

After class I showered quickly grabbed the dogs and we headed out to the Kastens. I NEVER eat or really crave burgers, but today I was. So I volunteered to try making turkey burgers. Ok, so the first time I ever made a burger it was a total fail, they fell apart and were kinda greasy. I was determined to make a better burger this time around and a healthier one too, turkey of course. It was nice being out at the Kasten's cause they have a super nice functional huge grill which was nice to work with.

I thought the burgers turned out yummy, (not my picture, forgot camera) we had corn on the cob and chips with the burgers. I wanted to try making "Kale Chips" along with the meal because I have heard of them in a few blogs that I read. Well as good as everyone made them sound, they weren't really our thing. So I probably won't make those again. That was also my first experience with kale too (not my picture yet again)
Baked Kale Chips
We apparently ate dinner late because by the time we were done eating it was almost 10 pm!! I was exhausted and I think Michael was too after a full day of work, driving back from Ashland and mowing 2 yards so we grabbed our doggies who were tired too and headed home for a good night's rest. And now it is Saturday Morning---almost afternoon---hoping for another great day! Hope you had a great Friday evening!

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