Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How I Worked out Wednesday

Lets try this post again!! I will be getting to part 3 of the trip and our actual anniversary tomorrow since I don't have much time to upload pictures onto blogger because I MUST study!! booo, cannot wait until Friday, although, I am very frightened about it to, the fear of not knowing enough and not passing. It's  my last one of 4 for crying out loud, and I wanna pass it bad and have it done and over with!!

Anywhoooo workouts...lets go!!

Wednesday: Turbo Kick!! I am still loving this class, a full 50 minutes of intense cardio and super sweating is my thing! I love the up beat tempo and music, definitely sticking to this class!

Thursday: Ended up being a rest day since I had worked out 3 days in a row and I was tired and I may have had plans but I can't remember

Friday: 6 mile run. Another not good one but I somehow ended up doing it in 54ish minutes. I felt terrible the whole time, walked a lot but made it home in time to quickly rush around the house and pack for our trip

Saturday: Uh...hello...vacation = lazy Ashley

Sunday: Since we were driving back from Madisonville on Sunday Michael and I hadn't planned a workout but since our bstud played putt putt that evening (which I will hopefuly be discussing tomorrow) we decided we could run to the putt putt course, it was only 2.4 miles but it was hilly PLUS I was running with Michael who runs 4 miles in like 26 minutes which is ridiculous, so obviously I felt like I was going to die!

Monday: GUNS (we used the TRX things at the JC, hard to explain what they are  but basically they are suspension training and it made my arms feel like they were going to fall off only after a 15-20minute class!) and then Turbo Kick...both classes with Katrina. We were both super tired and SO sweaty afterward. Loving the Monday workouts with her!

Tuesday: 6 mile 9 pm run with my fav, Becca! It was perfect and we did it in around 50 minutes, no timer but rounding! Running with someone + running in the evening created a much better run for me then I've been having in the past few weeks. It is exactly what I needed!

Wednesday(today): TURBO KICK!! WHEW, so sweaty and awesome. Seriously everyone, you NEED to try this class!!

Well that's my how I worked out Wednesday! Hopefully you are finding some kind of rhythm to your workouts or trying to incorporate them into your busy daily routine, now I MUST get back to studying!! later loves!    

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  1. You make me feel lazy with your workout posts, but you provide motivation as well. Thanks love!