Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hello Friends! Let us recap the weekend! Hmmm...where did I leave off? OK Saturday around noon.

So Michael and I FORCED ourselves to get to the gym around 1pm and we both struggled through our runs on the treadmill (it was definitely too hot to run outside). I originally wanted to run 5 miles but ended up only doing 4 and I felt like I was going to die. Shortly after we had another wedding ring debacle. Well remember when I almost left my rings on the treadmill at the JC a few times ago? Welll...this time Michael put my rings in his pocket after he was done running and I was finishing up my run. When we got home from working out I asked for my rings back. He could only find my engagement ring in his pocket!! I FREAKED out and forced him to retrace his steps. FORTUNATELY, it had fallen out of his pocket in my car on the way home when he went to pull his phone out of his pocket. FAIL. Thank goodness we found it, I would have been SO sad!

Anywho we cleaned ourselves up and headed out for some errands. We had a coupon to Dicks so we decided to take advantage of it and get some new running shoes/tennis shoes. Michael was in need of some and I needed a pair of shoes that I could do my workout classes in because for some reason my running shoes don't feel very good when I'm moving around quickly in Zumba class, I think there is a little bit too much support in them if that is possible. So after debating for about an hour in the store Michael and I decided what to purchase and we saved about $40 on our shoes!!

Here are my super yellow Lance Armstrong Nikes...

Michael's SUPER red running shoes. He has never worn something this bold before, but running shoes are supposed to be bright and obnoxious, so it's not that weird!

After running by the Apple store in the mall to discuss some issues I was having with my iPod touch we ran into our friends Ian and Kellie and later ran into Katie and her Fiance Brad! And then we headed to Whole Foods. I read way too many healthy living blogs and EVERYONE shops at Whole Foods. Michael thinks it's silly and expensive but I wanted to get a few things from there so we stopped by and I bought 4 things so we didn't spend too much I got some Almond Butter, Quinoa, Tomato Sauce, and Raspberry Lemonade sparkling water. Fun FUN!

Then we were off to see a movie with Michael's Parents and sister and brother-in-law at the Kentucky Theater. The Kentucky theater is purty awesome and located in downtown Lexington, apparently built in 1921 according to Wikipedia. The theater often shows some of the more obscure films, some popular ones, and then they often have nights where they show old movies.

The movie we saw was "Midnight in Paris" which is a movie written and directed by Woody Allen and starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams and featuring others such as Adrian Brody, the wife of Leo in Inception, and Kathy Bates. I would HIGHLY recommend seeing this movie. It was entertaining and historical! We definitely didn't really know what movie we were going to see but ended up being very happy with it!

Sorry folks, this is starting to feel like it is going to be a long post. That's what happens when you have such a good weekend filled with activities! After the movie we all trekked the Lexington streets searching for grub for Michael's parents and dessert for the children (aka us). We ended up at Atomic Cafe and we all enjoyed fruity drinks and island style desserts. I had The Red Banana Cake and a Bahama Mama, and Michael had Rum Cake with berries. They were delish! We all had a great time talking and hanging out together and the walk through downtown was super relaxing, especially since it was the perfect temperature for a stroll!
Michael's yummy rum cake and berries in the front and my red banana cake/bread in the bake! YUM! (sorry poor lighting!)
 This brings us to Sunday! Michael and I slept in for once...what/!? YES! 10am go us! We texted some friends around lunch time and met them at Dairy Queen. We all had a great time, especially since I brought coupons!! And you know what, even with all this dessert consuming, I have kept to my no chocolate rule! I had a vanilla cone dipped in butterscotch!! And you know what else happened at DQ another ELOY VARGAS spotting AND he was with Jared Polson. Ok ok, these guys MAYBE averaged 3 points together per game (michael guessed) but it's still cool seeing them around town!

After lunch we made a fun outing to the Lexington Downtown Library. (side note: I noticed the downtown library had a slight stench, maybe due to some of the clientele that visit it, some areas smelled of major B.O. ...gross!) Michael was on the hunt for Theodore Rex (biography on Teddy Roosevelt) and I love a good trip to the 'Brary! While down there I wanted to get a biography of my own to read. After the movie the night before I was inspired to pick a short biography on F. Scott Fitzgerald (author of the Great Gatsby). Him and Zelda seemed like such an interesting couple so I wanted to know more. I am now considering re-reading The Great Gatsby, I read it in high school in forced circumstances and now I want to read it on my own, for pleasure. I LOVE reading! And you konw what/!? Michael tends to get obsessive with certain activities like playing a certain video game ALL the time, etc. Well right now he likes reading, and I think it's awesome so he's been reading all kinds of informative books about baseball and what not. So glad! I also wanted Tina Fey's new book but I have to wait until it's returned. I also picked up Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations", there's lots of pictures so it'll be interesting!

After the library we did some much needed yard work, even though we pay for someone else to take care of it, it rarely seems to get done, so we took care of it then headed off to church, which was great as usual!!

After church Michael and I needed to get long runs in. We ran separately though because he started on campus because he was meeting a friend for tennis after his run. The funny part, we had no idea where the other was running and ended up passing each other. We stopped, said hey, kissed and we were on our way. I'm sure that looked strange to the older couple walking on the other side of the street! hehe! :) So my run was actually pretty great. It was my first semi-long run since the half and I did about 6.1 miles in about 52 minutes and I only let myself walk for one minute at mile 4.5ish. I was proud compared to how my run went the day before. It makes me feel better about the upcoming 10k on the 4th. Michael ended up running like 6.7 miles then playing tennis he's intense! Well that's about all the notable happening this weekend, sorry if I bored you!


  1. Did you know that F. Scott Fitzgerald's birthday is... September 24th :)

  2. you know what?! I actually read that in the car and told Michael it was my mom's bday and yours! :)