Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ashland Day 2

Oh Ashland, Day 2.

Today started off good. Well sorta. We woke up to a nasty hot house and I urged myself to go out for  a run. Well, Ashland is hilly and humid and at 8 in the morning the sun was already blazin’ away not to mention that I was already pretty hot from sitting in the house, nothing like starting a run already hot, sweaty, and tired. I only went about 2.8 miles and I walked at least half. How’s that for a confidence killer? I got back to the house and I immediately was covered in sweat.

When Michael returned from his run he complained about the same ailments as I so I know I’m not being whiney!

After we cooled off a bit we decided to head down to Central Park and play some tennis since Michael didn’t have to be in to work until 1! Tennis was fun. And I actually enjoyed it the whole time we played and I saw some improvement in my tennis ability (or lack thereof). But seriously, it was fun!

Once back we made some lunch and then study time began until around after dinner when Michael and I settled in to watch What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. It was an enjoyable movie! And now we are sitting out on the porch to escape the death box that is inside of the house! The A/C repair man never made it out today because this afternoon we got a little thunderstorm that whipped through Ashland and apparently that put them behind on everything. So it’s another night of sleeping in the heat in Ashland.

Oh and on the chocolate front I am doin’ A-okay! Today I didn’t even accidently eat any chocolate. But for some reason this heat is making me feel bloated, hungry, and VERY tired. So as a whole I’m not feeling that great. Today I took another nap (I am not a napper). See the thing with naps is that I normally feel worse afterward and confused as well. Well, that hasn’t changed, same effect, but I needed the nap (lack of sleep last night due to hotness, muggy house while studying, studying all day, etc made me super tired)  I wish Michael and I brought sleeping bags cause I would be half-tempted to sleep out on the porch tonight, it’s a beautiful cool evening.  

Well that’s about it. Michael’s Mom will be heading over here sometime tomorrow to pick me up and I’ll sadly have to leave my husband and go home and be a momma to my little doggy munchkins! Goodnight!


  1. I hope the ac gets fixed tomorrow!

    So, just something silly, but I had to check my google reader again to see if you'd posted yet because it felt so weird to go to bed without reading your post! Hahaha! So thanks for being so dependable, even if it does make me sound like a cyber-stalker! :^)

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with naps. I love the idea of naps because I love sleeping. But naps suck because they make me cranky, sometimes make my head hurt more, and strangely, usually when I wake up from a nap I end up mindlessly eating. A lot. It's bad.

  3. Jess - I love that you have to read the blog!!

    Lela - Naps are weird. and I do mindless eating afterwards too. It's like my body thinks its breakfast time or something