Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm in a glass case of emotion!

Today has felt like a roller coaster ride of super great and then super bummer. But overall I guess I can't complain! Wanna hear about my day?! Well I'll tell you!

Before I start -- I tried to make my blog header look cool with 4 pictures, Lela was trying to tell me how to do it over google chat. Well, apparently I am not too tech savvy and screwed it up, the pictures looked wonky. So in the mean time you will have to be bored with this one picture and lack of title until I actually figure out how to format the HTML to work/fit on the screen properly and in an attractive manner.

First of all I went back to work, FINALLY, with that class out of the way I can make my $8.35 an hour in peace. HAHA! I actually got to work on my paper for the class a little and socialize with my work friends!! Oh yeah and I met with Vanna this morning and chatted her face off and ate my usual sesame bagel, sliced, toasted with cream cheese! YUM!

In other news that I will not mention much about is that I got a job offer in Lexington! That's all you're going to get for now. Details later.

After work I headed to the gym to work on my fitness! I did 5 miles of intervals, it was intense, I finished in 41:05 and had burned over 500 calories. Sweat all over the place as usual. You wanna know what I almost messed up?!? Well, while I was running my rings were bothering me, they were spinning round and round cause of the excessive amount of sweat on my hands. WELL, I took them off. After I finished my run I darted off the machine to cool down, stretch, and as I was about to leave I realized. SHOOT! I left my rings on the treadmill. I ran quickly through the JC and I am a very lucky girl. The rings were still there. Thank goodness!

So I returned home to see my pups, with 2 rings on my finga! It was time to give ol' Snow White a good scrubbin. Since Michael has been gone I've been parking in his spot, closer to the house. Thing about that is, there's a tree there and the birds like to release their bowels on anything underneath that tree. Well poor Snow White had some major nastiness on her white beauty so it was car wash time! I even cleaned the inside out. And here I was sweatin' up a storm again for the 2nd time today.

Well that's not it, Brittany invited me to do Zumba at a church nearby, so at 6 that's what we did. 3rd time sweating for the day. The class was fun and huge, definitely over 100 people there. And surprise surprise, I got to see Vanna again today. The Flo Critt girls go to Zumba on Thursday too and Vanna was working and brought them so I got to see the Flo Critt girls AND Vanna, my lucky day!!

After Zumba I was STARVING! So hungry I thought I would vomit. Well I prepped dinner and tried to turn on my 5 year old Dell so I could work on my paper. WELLL....nothing...again....nothing....then black screen saying devices couldn't load. CRAP. My friend informed me that my computer probably has a corrupted hard drive. Well phewy that's no good. Lucky I had sent my most recent version of my paper to myself BUT all of my CPA study materials for FAR were on that computer, so now i'm going to have to start from square one or something on this computer, which means that I can't work on becker when I'm at work. This is just a mess. I just need Michael to come home and leave the Mac with me. Things were better that way.

Anywho, that's about it that I will mention. Now that I have finished a good portion of the paper I am going to treat myself to a bowl of cookies and cream and watch a new show that premiered tonight called "Love Bites" that I DVRd. I think since I burnt so many calories today that I earned a bowl of ice cream. Most nights I haven't earned it! haha! Later... please pray that my computer decides to come back to life! (PS I'm too tired to reread this to check it for errors, so please don't judge me for poor writing, I'm tired dude!)


  1. I hope your computer comes back! That sucks really sucks :(

    Congrats on the job though!!

    Also, whenever you want me to help you with your blog I can. The picture you have is cute though, it matches your background!

  2. I am so excited to hear about your job! Good job!

    I am also glad your rings were still there!