Friday, June 3, 2011

When the husbands away...

Hey folks! So I woke up this morning hoping maybe my computer "breaking" yesterday wasn't real. Maybe it was just tired. So I tried it again today. No dice! Same error message, no start up. BOO! So unfortunately I am going to have to steal the Mac back from the hubby in order to do my CPA studying, which I am slowly but surely falling behind with daily, now without a computer it is a certainty. It stinks too, because the progress I have made so far with my studying (the videos and MC questions) will be gone. BOOOO. silly technology why do you hate me? You wanna know what else? For almost the entire time that I was at work today the internet in B&E didn't work. I am just a walking technological nightmare apparently!

I'm posting early because I'm going to Flo Critt tonight and then hopefully I'll get some studying in tonight. AND the hubby returns tonight. We are not very good phone talkers to each other so it'll be good to have a face-to-face conversation with him! So I thought it would be interesting to see what I ate when Michael is away compared to the meat filled, time consuming meals I make when he's here. Well the results are purty boring. I'll let you see a few things I ate for yourself....
ok ok, hot dogs right??!? Well they are super fast to make and do not require thawing. I LOVE peas. The mac was leftover from a dinner with Michael

MmMmm! Eggs with Toast and Jelly and one piece to dip in the runny part! I have recently become obsessed with eggs like this ...yum yum in my tum tum!

No meal is complete without a little dessert! This is cookies and cream kroger ice cream with chocolate syrup. Everything is good with a little choc. syrup!

This is what I ate last night for dinner. I was starving after my 2 workouts and very thirsty so I made myself a HUGE glass of iced tea (still loving it, glad I discovered it), mashed potatoes, hot dogs (AGAIN), and a TON of peas. I LOVE them so MUCH!! Am I weird?!
hmmmm I lacking variation?? It sure seems that way!! But these meals are quick and yummy to me, even though it may appear that I have the palate of a lets say 8 year old. OHHHH well!!

I hope you all enjoy your Friday evening on this wonderful day!! Later!

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