Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's Learn about...Quinoa!

So I have taken up the obsession of reading "Healthy Living blogs" and some of these girls eat some weird foods that I have definitely never heard of before or methods of eating things that do not peak my interest. Things such as:
- Kale Chips
- Greek Yogurt (not a fan -- Michael and I tried some and I think we both GAGGED)
-Green Monster Smoothies - AKA smoothies with Fruit AND Spinach
-Ingesting mass amounts of protein powders and nutritional yeasts mixed into foods
-"Overnight Oats" --with natural nut butters, flax seed, greek yogurt, jams, and berries mixed in
- Tempeh
-Flax Seeds
-Chia Seeds
-Quinoa (pronounced ki:nwa)

I have taken it on myself to try some of these things  and it has definitely been interesting. If some of you remember a Friday or 2 ago I tried making Kale Chips and was not a fan. And recently on a special Whole Foods Trip we bought some new to us things. One of which is Almond Butter, definitely trying to make myself like it, but silly JIF has addicted me to their sugary fake peanut butter super processed yummyness from birth, so the lack of fake sweetness in these natural nut butters are kind of hard for me to swallow. But maybe I"ll get used to it.

One thing that I knew I would probably like is Quinoa. Why you ask? Cause it's a grain and I love rice and starchy foods like it, so I knew it would probably be a match made in heaven! Quinoa originates in South America and has been a staple there for years upon years! Quinoa is a special grain though, it has a very high protein content and a complete protein (which is rare for plants)! (AKA it's a filling food!) It is also a gluten free food.

We ended up cooking it Sunday night and I thought it was purty good. We mixed in some lemon juice and Michael mentioned that it was definitely something I would like. oh ok yes I am in to semi-bland foods, but you can spice it up there are recipes to do that out there! Michael likened it to "grits" which I could see, although it has a slightly nutty flavor.

So if you are feeling adventurous you should definitely pick yourself up a bag of yummy Quinoa! YAY!

Happy Friday everyone, I will hopefully either be heading to the pool or gym this afternoon and then up to NKY to celebrate Mander's bday! Enjoy your day!

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