Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy Weekend!

Finally, the long-awaited real blog post. Sorry about the lame (well not lame because my husband is wonderful and when I weakily say from the bedroom, "Will you please post something for me", he gladly does it, what a awesome husband) posts of lately, Saturday night I was just plain exhausted from going out Friday evening and Sunday evening I had a migraine so I couldn't look at the computer. So I said aloud what to write and Michael gladly did it! Good boy!!

Anywho wanna hear about my weekend?! Well first off, remember on Thursday how I went to get Orange Leaf with Catherine? Well...maybe I mentioned that. Here's a pic of my chocolate free froyo! And you know what?! I can eat chocolate again today and I haven't even thought about it. Weird!
So let's get to Friday. I spent the day at the pool with my awesome friend Shelley and her boyfriend Eric!! We definitely soaked up some sun. My rear end is still feeling the pain of the sun. Oh well, I am now tan!! After the pool I rushed over to the JC tennis courts to say hello and goodbye to Michael who had arrived back for good from Ashland. Sadly due to my "Amanda plans" I only got to see him for about 5 minutes before rushing off to NKY for the evening.

So I hurried home, showered, packed and went over to 509 to grab me a Becca and head up to NKY where Amanda met us at my parents house and then we went over and picked up Azra and Christina!! What a fun night we had. We started out at the Hofbrahaus, which honestly, I was not impressed with. The service was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. It took us like 30 minutes to get a glass of water!! But we had a good time chatting with each other and people watching:

Amanda and Becca were the only 2 to try a German Beer

Becca and I split a sampler -- it was weird. She is holding up spiraled radishes. Yes. Radishes. They tasted good while eating them but we definitely had nasty radish burps ALL night long! GROSS!
After Hofbrahaus we did something REAL classy. In order to save money we went to the liquor store across the street and purchased some coconut rum and a 2-liter of coke. After parking the car in Mt. Adams we enjoyed our cheap drinks in the car and then headed up to the bars to celebrate Amanda's birthday!

We had a great time in Mt Adams (Cincy). We first went to a bar that did not have a cover and played fooseball in the back! FUN! Then we headed over to the Pavilion and danced the night away!! We were sweaty stinky girls but we had a BLAST!

After Azra, our DD, got us to her house, Amanda, Becca, and I departed for some Steak and Shake before crashing at my parents house. We didn't make to bed until almost 4. This girl does not do late, and I was up and at em' until 4 go me!

Gotta love a junior strawberry shake! (no chocolate!)

The next morning I woke up EXHAUSTED. But forced me and Bec into the car and up to Brusters to get some ice cream and then we went over and saw the newly engaged Olivia!! WOO WOOO!! So glad to see her!!

On the drive back to Lex, Bec and I encountered many creepy highway drivers that apparently were trying to flirt with the very tired looking girls in a Civic (us). We were afraid at one point that the 2 separate cars with 1 guy in each would sandwich us and then attack us. Scary. But they eventually left us behind!!

As soon as I got home I got a much needed 30 min. nap and then headed to a beautiful wedding of Michael's friend Amber. We had a good time, enjoyed some good food and then I peaced out for bed!

And that wraps up Saturday

Sunday - we woke up and went to 10 o'clock church. Then went our separate ways. Michael to his parents, me over to Lisa's parents for Father's day where each of us enjoyed good food and golf on television!! And that's about it for the weekend. Sorry for the monster post, I was falling WAY behind!!

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