Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Madisonville Part Duex

Saturday morning Michael and I woke up in a gorgeously bright room overlooking a lake with the sun shining in through the glorious windows. (well it may have been a bit overcast BUT it was still bright in our room!)...

Shirley asked us the night before what time we wanted breakfast in the morning because we were her only guests in this house. They manage another B&B downtown and apparently she manages to do glorious breakfasts at BOTH of them, I was so impressed when I heard that. Since we were an hour behind we opted for an 8:30 breakfast. We wandered down around that time and were met with super cheery Shirley, offering us coffee as we sat down at a fancy table setting for breakfast, if I do say so myself. We already had glasses of water and orange juice and she came out and set down some yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, orange zest, mint, and her homemade granola! MMMM!! Michael and I felt like Kings and Queens as Shirley continued to wait on us. We devoured the first dish...

Then came individual Monkey Bread cakes, oh goodness, love, I mean, you can't go wrong with sugary goodness for breakfast!!

get it? Monkey Bread!
Then came a plate of scrambled eggs with dill and super cripsy delish bacon and some grapes to color up our plates. Oh goodness, breakfast was SO good. I felt like I was about to pop after we ate.

After our huge breakfast we waddled back upstairs very full and satisfied and after lounging around  a bit decided to explore the property, which you see many pictures of in yesterday's post. There was going to be a wedding on the property that evening so people were humming around here and there setting up stuff and whispering prayers for the cloudy nastiness to go away. Michael and I ended up sitting by the pool, in our clothes, soaking in the rays when there was a break in the clouds. I felt weird putting on my bathing suit with all these people around so sitting in my clothes sufficed.
Playing with the wedding signage

super cute signs everywhere

the dance floor

The lake house

inside the lake house, rawr!


Then Michael discovered something he LOVED. Joe, the owner, owned 2 cars that Michael fell in love with a 56 Red Corvette and '57 Red Thunderbird...i believe those years are correct, or around those time frames. (MICHAEL NINJA EDIT) But the cars were gorgeous, so we HAD to take pictures. We weren't the only ones though, the bride and groom had their pictures taken with the cars as well!!

Then I spied on the bride taking pictures from our room and used the new Sally Henson Nail Effects strips on my nails...rawr!

Then came time to get ready for the wedding...we got all dressed and spiffyed up again, about to walk out the door, when Michael looked at the invite and said, Ashley it starts at 6:30, not 5:30. Fail #1 for me! We changed and watched tv for an hour and then headed out the door again.
i matched the wedding colors which were purple!! oops!
I had the job of inputting the address into the GPS. this is where fail #2 for me occurred. I entered Madisonville, but my friend lives in Manitou. We ended up on some abandoned gravel road, once I reentered the correct city we had to drive another 20 minutes. UGH. I'm terrible, luckily I convinced Michael to allow us plenty of time to arrive early, so we were fine!!

The wedding was gorgeous. The thunderstorms had been raging a lot of the day but it stopped about an hour before the wedding and the sun decided to come out. So did the humidity. *My hair looked terrible*. The wedding was on Maggie's parent's patio overlooking the hills of KY. My friend and future co-worker Kearstin, and her husband were at the wedding so we sat with them and gushed over Maggie in her gold wedding dress. She looked gorgeous!!
I sadly had the lovely view of the post the entire time :(

the view!

Me and Kearstin

Micheal's artsy picture of the tent ceiling and lights

Announced as Mr. and Mrs. Lefler!! so happy!

first dance!! (Thomas lives in NYC, so they don't see each other much!)

Kearstin and Maggie

UK MSACC representin'!

The wedding was a great time. Frozen Margarita machine was also a plus, and I nice little meal. And of course the favorite part about any wedding! :) Michael and I also participated in the favorite, anniversary dance that often happens at weddings. Where they start with everyone who is married then they say everyone married for 15 minutes leave (aka bride and groom) then everyone married for a year....ohhh that's us, we had to leave almost immediately!! haha!

Michael also captured some awesome pictures of the sun setting since the property faced West. What a gorgeous view and overall good time!!

Look at me, shortening up this post. That's about it for Saturday!

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