Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Off the Hook"

Hey Folks. Sooo either ya'll weren't feelin the workout Wednesday post OR you didn't get a chance to read it. If you haven't, read and let me know what you think! I'll try it again and if no one says anything I may not continue it. Just trying to shake things up a bit!

What do you all think of the semi-changed layout of the blog? Lela came over yesterday (she's in town for the week, visiting from WV) and helped me do some code to get this new header, it took some time, and I'm pretty happy with it, I will make some changes to it later when I have more time, but this is good for now. I feel it's more fun and not boring! What do you think?! I of course used the "Instagram" app on Michael's Iphone to create the effects on the photos.

Well anyway...back to "Off the Hook". This is in reference to what Adrielle and I did tonight. Last Sunday Southland Christian (our church) advertised a children's program for preschool and elementary aged children called "Off the Hook". I didn't really know much about what was going to happen at it, but I thought, hey Adrielle is elementary aged, let's try this out!! And we went!!
Adrielle and I arrived at Southland and entered the HUGE auditorium, it was PACKED with children. It was crazy!! We luckily ran into 2 lovely couples: Laura & Wes and Justin & Shannon, so we had friends to sit with! The program started as the lights went down and oh my goodness, this was a production. It was great, entertaining for children and parents. There was "Finding Nemo" music in the background, acting, skits, some worship music, dancing, singing, and a little lesson at the end about "Forgive, Forget, Foooorever", which the kids shouted over and over.  Everything was under the sea themed, bright, sparkly and fun (there were even bubble machines!). The props were also SUPER impressive, they had huge jellyfish floating all around the room, and a gigantic sting ray that flapped as it flew around the room (it was driven around on a bike contraption).

The production was exactly an hour and you could tell when the kids started to get a little antsy. The room got loud and there was a lot of movement. I mentioned to Laura that this room had A LOT of energy!! Sadly the kids were distracted during the message section, but I'm sure some were still listening. Something I LOVED was seeing all the kids dance and sing and clap, excited about the music and watching the skit with wide eyes and interest. 

Overall, I think this was a great production, fun, and got Adrielle and I talking about forgiving others. She LOVED it, and we sang the little mermaid music all the way home. She asked if they could do it again next week, haha! Love her! So I would definitely recommend this program to those with children, who are mentors, or for people who know children. I mean it's free, you can't even think of an excuse now can you?!?

All in all a good evening, what more can I say?! Nothing...goodnight!

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