Wednesday, June 15, 2011

J Boh fa sho!

Yes, tonight I had a substitute husband for the evening and it was this fancy handsome man, Justin, aka J Boh! (ahem ahem, this picture was taken out our wedding, mine and Michael's wedding that is!)

J Boh promised me that he'd come from NKY to Lex and visit while Michael was on his AHEC in Ashland, and since this was his last week, he HAD to come! And what a great man he is, he kept his word! So I anxiously awaited alllll day for my friend to come. I cleaned up the house, pulled myself through a terrible 6 mile run and before I knew it he was here! YAY!

We headed off to Saul Good for some yummy Lexingtonian grub. You wanna know what's special? We ordered the same thing! The Saul Good Breakfast (which is what I normally get): Half a waffle, 3 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs over easy, and potatoes...mmm!!

J Boh also ordered a recession beer and yes it came in a mason jar. I was too excited when it came out!
Also, we noticed that Saul Good was rockin' the 90's radio station or something cause we heard all sorts of things from the 90's: Amy Grant, Donna Lewis, Salt n' Pepa, etc.

After enjoying some delish Brinner we headed to BIBLE GOLF!! Yes, there's a Bible themed mini golf course in Lexington, and actually it is the only putt-putt in Lexington. They have 3 different courses, Old Testament, New Testament, and MIRACLES...haha We choose Old Testament, probably because we saw the huge Jonah Whale at the end! We had fun. Justin killed me, I am the worse putt-putter EVER! After we were done putt-putting it was almost my bed time. J Boh came in did a little work on his computer and then he was headed back to NKY before I knew it! Well that wasn't before we jammed to "Whatta Mouse" (Salt N' Pepa song) ---apparently J Boh had a Mickey Mouse tape where he remade popular rap songs, you gotta love it...

Loved my date night with my substitute husband!
The real husband comes back Friday evening ...yay!!! I've missed him!

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