Monday, June 6, 2011

Ashland - Day 1

So I took pictures today when Michael and I were in Ashland and the combo of me barely having any internet and blogger's photo uploads being messed up, I guess I'll just have to wait until I get home to do one big photo post of Ashland.

Today was a very chill day. Michael and I woke up at 5:30, showered, loved on the dogs and then headed to Ashland (about 2 hour drive), I zonked out in the car and Michael stayed awake and drove, always a good thing!! :)

We arrived in Ashland around 8:30, luckily Michael had like half an hour to help me acclimate to Mamaw's house before he left for work. And then sadly he had to leave. I felt weird, being in someone's house that I had never been in and that person wasn't there! I spent the majority of the day studying, ate lunch outside and watched the cars pass by. Took a little nap. It was good.

Michael was home around 4:30, he zonked out immediately. Around 6 we decided it was time for dinner. We headed to CG Maggies, a restaurant downtown. I was sadly very disappointed in my meal. It was no good at all, Michael was like uh yeah I don't like it either., he however did enjoy his meal, but ended up dumping some of it on himself when carrying the leftover box in from the car to the house.  To cheer us up from my icky 1/4 eaten dinner we ran through the McDonald's drive thru for a 59 cent cone and Michael got a strawberry lemonade freeze thing. Oh and we also went to the library and picked out a few DVDs (What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Bill Durham, and Tron the original) and Michael grabbed a few baseball books. Once we were home we felt stuffed and terrible so we decided to out on a walk.

The walk was perfect because we've discovered the AC is currently not working in the house and it is hotter indoors than out. Yes you say, open a window? WELLLL there are no screens on most of the windows (this house is purty old), so that is a no can do. Michael and I strolled down the street and he showed me his uncle's house, Mamaws church, and then we headed back. We mapped our walk and it was about 2.6 miles, and I was wearing flip flops! My feet feel like they are on fire now!

oh also, these next couple of weeks I am going to try to give up chocolate with my friend Lela. She is trying all sorts of things to get rid of her migraines and this is one of the things she might need to give up, so I volunteered to do it with her. I consume far too much chocolate anyway. But you know what? I stink at this game!! I ate a "Smores" Chewy bar today without even thinking about there being chocolate in them, but I did refuse a McDonalds Mcflurry, so maybe I can do this!

Tomorrow Michael doesn't have to go in until 12:30 so hopefully we can get some tennis in in the morning and maybe a good run since I haven't ran since Thursday, BOO! Well that's it for now, the hubs is waiting on the computer so that he can watch one of his movies, outside on the porch cause it's stifling in here. you know what's crazy?! We just fixed our A/C at home recently and the curse is just seeming to follow us here. Can we ever be in a cool house?!? I can't complain though, I'd rather be here hanging with the hubs than at home by myself, wish the doggies could be here though!

HOpe you had a great night! Chat with ya tomorrow!


  1. i'm scared to ask what you ate at cj maggie's ...

  2. Well I totally appreciate having someone doing this with me! Thanks!!