Friday, June 10, 2011

Someone is in the double digits!

Guess who is 10 years old now (As of Wednesday)?!!? My favorite little Mentee in the world, Adrielle is of course!!! And since I was in Ashland on Wednesday we got to celebrate Thursday evening together and we had a good time as always!!

I picked Adrielle up (after a very busy day of work, exercise, baking, errands, etc.) from her brother's baseball game and we were off!! I knew exactly where to take her, to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe on Chinoe. Michael and I went there last Saturday, and now I'm craving fruit smoothies like CRAZAY! They are soooo yummy and delish and summery, I just can't resist.

You know what I learned as we walked into the smoothie shop? In her 10 years of life, Adrielle apparently had NEVER had a smoothie before.  Man was she in for some yummyness in her tummyness! I asked her about her fav fruits and we decided to go with (we split cause their regular smoothies are enough to feed a small city) the something with the words "Sunset" in it. The smoothie had mango, strawberry, pineapple, and orange in it. OH goodness, it was GOOD. I devoured my portion instantly. Adrielle loved her's too but she is  more of a "I'm gonna sip this slowly and enjoy it kinda girl". It literally took her like 30 minutes longer than me to finish her smoothie!! I felt like an oinky!

As we slurped our smoothies outside I gave Adrielle her gift. (she had asked for it so I knew she wanted to) 

I believe Adrielle is down with Beiber Fever
 She opened it and instantly said, I love you so much right now. This smoothie is so good and this movie is awesome, I can't wait to go home and watch it with my sister!! I was so happy that she liked it. She kept telling me how much she loved me as she slurped her drink, and it felt right. A year ago it was kind of awkward on her birthday, I had been her mentor for a couple months and I wasn't really knowledgeable on things she wanted yet. But today we were so comfortable with each other. We chatted, laughed, and even met some 3 and 5 year old girls enjoying smoothies with their daddy.

On the ride home we danced and sang to some Britney Spears, it was fun. I hope one day I can dance and sing in the car with my kids and they won't be embarrassed of me, although I'm sure they will be! After celebrating I dropped her at home and left her with some cake balls I made.

Ok, ok. I was going to try and make her cake pops (made famous by Bakerella) BUT I failed at that and then ran out of time and patience and just ended up making them into cake balls. Same thing, just without a stick. She was thrilled to have them. Her mother, another story, not too keen about the sugar. But hey, a girl needs a good sugary snack to celebrate her birthday and I did fill her up with some lovely blended fruit before I gave her the cake balls! But that's about it!!  here's some of the process of making my failed cake pops!
bake cake
crumble cake, add icing, stir in
roll cake into balls and stick in the freezer for 15 min. (Funfetti Cake)

Enjoy cake leftovers from bowl

Adrielles gift and her cake balls!
 (P.S. I typed this Thursday evening and have planned for it to post Friday at 10am, I have never done this before so I'm curious if it'll work!!)

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  1. Such a super mentor!! Will be such a super mom!!
    Aunt Carin