Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Friday, Friday...

Hey everyone, hope you had a great Friday, didn't the week just fly by? Sadly that means that class will be starting up soon for me, aka Monday, boo that! But today was a good day!

I started it with work...which was fine... at least I was inside protected from the buckets of rain that poured for the first 1/2 of the day.

Then it was Adrielle time!! I totally missed hanging out with her last week cause of my CPA exam so I was glad to get to see her. We actually did a craft today.  We made bracelets with some beads that we made out of magazine pages and then we added beads and letters for fun. It was a fun and messy little craft, I LOVE crafts and could do one every day if it didn't get pricey!

Be jealous of my awesome bracelet! You know what's awesome too? I ran with my bracelet on and it didn't even bother me. Sometimes my rings bother me cause they spin so much, but this was fine, maybe it helped me run cause I had a great run on the treadmill tonight!!

It was my first time running since the race on Monday and I banged out 4 miles in 32:42, that's an 8:10 per mile pace, not bad for eating a handful of pretzels before I left and them turning into rocks in my stomach. You wanna know my secret? Well, today I tried a new Pandora station ... "Club/Dance Radio" ... hahahah..the upbeat tempo helped me to keep up my pace and my breathing actually felt regular for once!! After each dance song I would increase my speed .1. It also helped that I hit the jackpot and Sandstorm came on during my run!

The dance songs seem to be a bit longer too so they make the run seem shorter! I am definitely gonna try that again!!

After the gym I came home and made use of our taco meat from taco night and made nachos..yum-o.

After dinner the hubs and I walked the pups and that basically sums up my Friday evening as I lay here in bed typing and about to fall asleep!! I hope you all had a fun, relaxing, entertaining, thrilling evening!!


  1. We did have a fun evening! Met your grandparents at the Mexican Restaurant for dinner then back to the house for the Braves game! Aunt Carin

  2. Fun!! I know how much you love your Mexican Fridays!