Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Introducing the "Webb Call"

So, I'm sure you've heard of calls such as animal calls, duck calls, etc. they are unique noises that emulate the sounds that animals make to attract and/or get a response out of the creature. Well the Webb family has their very own "Webb Call"

So, I would like to introduce you and the world to the Webb Call. It can be used anywhere: the grocery store, while skiing, at the mall, and it's pretty darn effective! As a little girl I was always scared of getting separated from my family, it was always reassuring to hear my dad's "Webb Call" in a crowd of people because I knew he was there!  It is unique to our family and I love how everyone makes it a little different. Michael's impression is definitely not right, but he's new to the family so I guess he has time to learn!

I was going to take the time to edit it and make it into 1 video, but we forgot the charger to the Mac in Rochester and don't have it yet and this computer does not have very good video editing capabilities. So here is the debut of "The Webb Call". Some of you may not appreciate this, but I sure do! :) ENJOY!

When asked the origin of it, my dad said they used to call the neighbors up the hill with it.

Now you know about a super secret Webb tradition! Woo weee

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