Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Folks! I hope you had a super patriotic day, I had a great one!

First off I'd like to wish a very happy 1st birthday to this guy, Carson:
The Puppy version of Carson

The big boy version!
He got to try some watermelon today!
Also, I blame myself for doing this but I forgot to wish Lela and Eric a very happy 1st anniversary yesterday, I guess my mind was just too full of things to write about!!

And also a very happy birthday to Anne, a great running friend!!

The fourth was a great day spent with loved ones! Michael and I woke up bright and early for the Bluegrass 10,000...and we met up with these lovelies (Becca and Ben) cause we HAD  to get a bourbon chase picture!

The race was pretty tough cause it was humid and the air was NOT moving, but I'm glad I did it even though I didn't hit the time I wanted. I was at 53 minutes, boo that. Oh well! After I finally stopped sweating after the race Michael and I ran home quickly and showered to meet my parents and Lisa's parents for some Bob Evans for breakfast since many local eateries were closed for the holiday.

After breakfast the men went to golf and the girls checked movie times and dashed over to Woodhill to see "Larry Crowne"
The movie was super cute and funny and even though I was the youngest one in the theater by lets say 30 years I still thoroughly enjoyed myself some Tom Hanks and  Julia Roberts!!

After the movie it was time to celebrate the 4th over at the Kasten's home. Good times and good foods were had all around!
Lisa and I made this Strawberry Cake Pie...i was good and pretty!

Lisa and I

The amount of dessert options was ridiculous! This wasn't even all of them!

Dad and Lisa

Michael's Dad, Greg, very happy with his Mint Choc chip Ice Cream

my fav!
the woman of the night, after working night shift, marching in a parade, and cooking a huge feast she was still smiling!

Andrea and Matt!

Michael and I in our reverse clothing options!
The fourth was a great time, even though Carson is TERRIFIED of Fireworks and sat on the ground of the car the whole ride home from the Kasten's house cause he was so scared. I am loving that fireworks are now legal in KY and there are super awesome fireworks to be seen everywhere now!! I love this country!!

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  1. We had the EXACT same experience when we went to see Larry Crowne. For serious, everyone was 30 years older than us.