Tuesday, September 20, 2011

cubicle land

Oh my goodness, another boring day in Ashley-land. Yeah, I really have nothing to write about, actually it feels like today was just a repeat of yesterday except we ate at different places for lunch and dinner and I did a different workout, but besides that you know it basically felt like Groundhog Day!

Speaking of ...great movie!

However I did get to talk to Michael on the phone for about 30 minutes tonight and my dad for about 15 so at least I was semi-social hanging out in my hotel room by myself!

Oh and for those of you who work in cubicle-laden lands of success and prosperity... I don' t know how you do it. We are working in cubicles at our client this week and I have the hardest time EVER concentrating. On one side there was a man that definitely over-shared for about 2 hours making sure to not leave out a single detail about his doctors appointment and the one time he couldn't find a winery that he was trying to visit with his wife.

On the other side a woman who does phone services for the client talks at her top volume ALL the time.

 I guess people don't realize that there are other people there trying to get things accomplished, but maybe that' s just us... just kidding! :)

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