Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today was a full yet exciting and calorie burning day. Which I am glad to say I am exhausted from. It included things such as:

-An insanity cardio interval workout with the Kentucky fit club.
-Making my first homemade pumpkin pie of the fall 2011 season.
-riding about 20 miles on the legacy trail with Michael and his dad.
- somehow escaping the rainy forecast for today and enjoyed the wonderful and sunny 70 degree day.
- grocery shopping with the hubs
- driving through the country.
-Going over to the Larson's to watch UK get creamed by Florida. Surprise surprise.
- consuming homemade chili, my pumpkin pie, and mass amounts of corn bread (I'm addicted) and yummy dip
-falling asleep on the Larson's chair while the boys played football video games

And now I have a few pics since I'm posting from my phone and it wont allow me to post the pictures throughout for some reason (if someone knows how to make that happen please let me know!) I hope you enjoyed your Saturday as Much as me!

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