Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Day of Things

Well now Carson is all bandaged up...although he is not happy about how uncool he looks, he will no longer be bleeding all over our house..

Poor little guys feet are really tender though, he won't get up unless he has to, and the amount of tail wagging has significantly decreased....sad! :(

In other news my day today was pretty insanely busy...but in a good way!!

I started it off with a VERY chilly 10am run with Becca. We haven't ran together in a while and decided to brave the cold Saturday morning. It was about 40-43 degrees when we were running! SO COLD. ANd it seemed like an eternity that we were running, it was only 5.2 though and I was soo tired when we were done, I haven't gone that far in a while! After I got home I just sat in the shower for about 30 minutes to warm up! I was in the shower so long the bathroom walls looked like they were sweating haha.

After quickly getting ready after my long shower I was on my way up to NKY. Michael was on call last night so he slept most of the day today. Once arriving in NKY I chatted with my pops and I helped myself to some of this at my parent's store...

It's pumpkin cheesecake ice cream with marshmallow topping. it was perfect. I wish I could have brought some home with me, but that wouldn't have worked because I was heading to the baby shower of this uber cute girl, Layne!!...

I know Layne from high school and she's so adorable and super optimistic! I haven't seen her in a while and it was great catching up!!

I had to leave the shower a little early to get to the wedding of these super fashionable people, Emily and Alex...

We sadly missed the ceremony because we had barely any time to make it there and of course Georgetown decided they wanted to have a fair and close a majority of the streets. Neither Michael nor I are familiar with Georgetown and after about 20 minutes of driving around we gave up and headed to the reception and chilled in the car until people got there. ohhh wellll....

The reception set up was sooo cute! (it was on a farm, and the barn was cleaned up really nicely with chandeliers and decorations and each horse stall had a food station or drinks, while the outside had the lights and hanging decor with a stage and dance floor down below)

Emily is really into everything vintage, so everything was, even down to the plates. Her dress was vintage too and all the bridesmaids wore super cute different vintage dresses. The guys wore pastel shirts under their jackets and bow ties. Everyone looked so snazzy!

You may notice that some of us look cold...

That was because the reception was outside and the first day of October decided to be really cold! When we left the wedding the car thermometer read 48 but it was windy too!! I never took my coat off and they handed out blankets to keep warm. I even chugged a coffee (ew) to feel the warmth in my body! At one point Michael tried to take my cake plate away from me and my hands seriously wouldn't move from the position they were in cause they were so cold! haha. I just don't think  my body was ready for the quick change from warm to cooooool.

Well that's about it for this Saturday. Ready for a good night's rest!

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