Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Well my internet is acting shady so it looks like a phone post from the day!

My workouts haven't been happening as frequently as I'd like but I got some in :

Thursday: rest...sore from workout class.

Friday: my class of circuits.  We did the following:

Mountain climbers
Plank jacks
Squat jacks
Plank holds
March knee bends
Jack knives

We did each item for 1 min twice through and then for 30 seconds each once through. It was exhausting

Saturday: 5k run/walk...still very sore from previous workout class. Plus 4 straight hours of cleaning..I was out of breathe and sweaty!

Sunday: rest day

Monday: tiny workout room at hotel only left the elliptical open so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical on the interval option at 5 and 8 resistance. I was a sweaty mess!

Tuesday: 5k on a tiny little treadmill in the tiny workout room. It was really hard for some reason...maybe early morning?

Wednesday: no back from work dinner at 8:30 and I'm beat!

That's it for today! Keep up the workouts!

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