Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend recap

Boy oh boy do I have a lot to talk about today!!

First I had to show you all this awesome picture I found in my phone from my week in middle of no where's-ville this week:

Um...awesome truck right? I mean the welding job was purty great!

Now onto my Friday quick review. After a nice day at work I was finally able to go to the JC to get a class workout in! YA! No ghetto workout gym! Well I went to do R.I.P.P.E.D and Aly was out of town again :( but I did do a pretty nice cardio/strength circuit workout thing instead.

After the gym I headed start to the Florence Crittenton home, which I have been terrible about making it to lately. So glad I went, I love catching up with the girls. We ate puppy chow and watched this Johnny Depp movie/musical from 1990 called "Cry Baby".

 Has anyone ever heard of this movie? I definitely hadn't, it was a little strange but I guess enjoyable?!

AFter Flo Critt it was time to meet up with my long lost Manderpuss!! (otherwise known as Amanda!). She got this name from this commercial:
And Manderpuss has stuck!! AWKARD commercial!

It was great to catch up with Manders since she made her big move to Chi-town to make her way up the fashion ladder at Macys!! Amanda also brought along her awesome bf Stu!! We had a LOT of fun and I am so glad I mustered up the energy, after laying in my bed for 30 minutes after showering, to go hang out with her! Great times!

totally unsuspecting of the picture crashers behind us (we knew them thoug, atleast)

After my VERY late night on Friday I woke up at 8 and headed to KY Fit Club. I felt tired and icky but so glad I went because the exercise turned everything around and I felt great afterward! PLUS I got my free Turbofire video! yay!! Now I can do workouts in my hotel rooms while out of town!!

After working out I headed home to grab Meeeechael and the doggies and our friends Kara and Jonathan. And we were where?! THE GORGE!!! Saturday was the perfect day for the Gorge, beautiful weather and all and this was Jon and Kara's first time to the gorge!! We had a blast together with the 4 of us and our 3 dogs!
excited on the ride there!

my cute driver!

and the boys are off!

yeah that's right throwing up the awesome peace sign in the background

bravely walking across the scary suspension bridge

not so bravely realizing it swings a lot

Jonathan had to carry their dog Lucy across cause she was scared to death!

Carson was very scared too, although it doesn't appear so in this picture. I was also cracking up the WHOLE time

very excited about our wilderness adventure

Me and kara!!

climbing down slippery hills

playing in the water and lovin life


Jonathan talking on his phone shaped rock

love the enthusiasm!

the gang!

football time!
 After the Gorge I passed out on the couch and sleeeeepppptttt...but then it was time to celebrate Michael's birthday (which is on Wednesday). We went to Alfalfas, a local restaurant, and had a yummy dinner:
birthday boy!

I got the pumpkin pasta with pesto, chicken, blue cheese, walnuts, and tomatoes....sooooo good!

Michael got the meatloaf and pumpkin corn bread, which did not taste like pumpkin at all unfortunately :(

and of course I had pumpkin pie for dessert with homemade whipped cream..yum!
 This brings us to Sunday:

Michael and I got up and ran 4 miles on the Legacy Trail! Go us for running together!! We were on a very hilly portion of the trail so I was impressed with ourselves!!

Then we hit up church and then our normal lunch at the Kastens. We then headed with MIchael's parents and Adrielle to see the Bodies exhibit downtown. Michael and I saw it in 2008 in Cincy but thought everyone else would enjoy seeing it. Adrielle learned a lot and I was impressed by how much she already knew too!! I have a smart Mentee!!

Lastly this evening we hosted b-stud. Or what was supposed to be b-stud. Only 2 couples showed up, the Larson and Hestads so we just ate the food and chatted for a couple hours. It was super relaxing. And guess what? i made something else pumpkin! It's pumpkin dip and it is YUMMMMMMY!

served with apple slices and nilla wafers
Everyone else said they enjoyed it too!! How many times can I have a different form of pumpking this month?!!? I want to make a new record!!

Well at the risk of getting too long winded and staying up all night typing I'm gonna go now!! Later friends, hopefully I didn't bore you!

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