Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy as a Bee!

Oh goodness, first time sitting down on the couch at home at 10:20. Relieved to finally be here. Today was good, productive, but busy!

Work in Frankfort was good, I actually felt energized and extremely focused and driven at work and powered through the day!

On the way back I made a stop into the good ol' Kentucky Chamber of Commerce where I interned for 2 summers. I love the people there and it was great to catch up with a couple of them!

Then immediately drove to Lexington to go to a workout class with Katrina. We went to R.I.P.P.E.D today, sadly my friend Aly (the teacher) was not there today so another girl subbed for her. We did 3 sets of the most intense exercises ever. I was all dizzy and super tired after this 45 minute workout, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest and now my legs do not want to move. I will post all the little circuits we did on workout wednesday and maybe if you are brave enough you can try it!

After class I rushed home, while talking to my adorable grandparents on the phone, to let the dogs out quickly, grab some things and GO! It was Adrielle time. Working is making my Adrielle time much more difficult than it used to be, but today I made it happen! Adrielle and I went to go get our finger nails painted. She chose pink. I chose purple. And we were happy as can be! After grabbing her some dinner and hanging out at her house for a bit chatting it was time to go again!

This time headed to Penn Station to use a coupon they are offering on the internet that you can use by simply playing their Halloween Hangman game! It's buy one (any size) get one 6 inch sub free! So I hand delivered Michael a sandwich to the hospital and hung out with him for a bit.

And now I'm finally home and exhausted. It was a good day, love busy days because that means great sleep! Hopefully my weekend isn't too busy and I can get some rest in!

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