Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Funday Success!

Today was another great Sunday!! Love my weekends to death!!

Woke up bright and early for my first ever trip to Spalding's Bakery in Lexington.  The bakery opens at 7 and when I arrived a little before there was already a line of 20 or so people waiting outside. People needed their Sunday morning sugar fix!! This place is known for it's yummy cake donuts and I purchased 5 glazed and 5 chocolate glazed to take to Michael and his team at the hospital. I'm guessing they enjoyed them, however I did not enjoy such an early morning sugar high!

Today for bible study we met at the mall food court, everyone split up and got their different foods and then we reconvened to discuss our topic for the week. Today I went for the Gold Star Chili, many may say ew, gross, but it reminds me of home! :) Afterwards Michael and Jon went to do their now typical Sunday friend activity of Disc Golf. While Kara and I hung out at the mall waiting on them.

I did something very brave for me while I was there. I asked a makeup girl about makeup. Yes, at the age of 23 I still cannot apply makeup and didn't own anything besides mascara...until today! The girl at the counter was sooo helpful and she applied everything to my face and it felt great. One reason, among many including laziness, that I don't wear makeup is because it makes my face feel dry and I just end up rubbing and scratching it off. But today it didn't bother me at all. So i purchased the foundation and some eye shadow. Now this isn't saying i'm going to wear make up all the time, but at least I'll have a few things sitting around the house now!

After makeup shopping Kara and I went to try and find the boys. Which was near impossible with Michael's directions and our unfamiliarity with the area. HOWEVER, I did run into someone there, Adrielle and her family!! Super random, but Adrielle's brother had a football game at the park the boys were playing disc golf in , so I got to chat with them a little!

Then of course it was Kasten dinner time,. We did it later this Sunday than usual and I had my first ever experience with pumpkin soup!!

It was delicious of course!! And I even got a second helping of pumpkin with a pumpkin roll for dessert! LOVE. FALL.

Well that's about it for my day, hope your Sunday was great and restful!

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