Friday, October 28, 2011

The Avett Brothers

Tonight Becca, Andrea, and myself saw these guys in concert...
The Avett Brothers Sound Check Music Blog


(our view from our seats)

These two brothers can be described as folk rock. Guitar, Banjo, Bass, and Cello (and sometimes drumset seen in background) And we had a great time, how can you not LOVE this music. PLUS...they sound even better live. I'm serious! Becca was telling me that for a normal concert, lets say like Taylor Swift who is coming to Lexington soon needs about 20 different sound boards, 20 buses, and a ton of other things. These guys only had 1 tour bus and one sound board since they produce ALL of their music and harmonies on their own. True talent. Non of that produced, computer fandangled stuff!!

I was amazed at all the skills they had such as singing, while playing guitar, while playing a bass drum with  their foot all at the same time. I can barely run down the sidewalk without falling. 

I hadn''t heard a ton of Avett Brothers songs before I went to the concert but I had come across a few of them and enjoyed it and since Miss Becca hooked me up with a free ticket I was more than pumped to go. Becca got 2 free tickets if she would write up a blog about the event, so I will be posting a link to that once she's done with it. Isn't she a lucky girl for working for a place that gives her free tickets to go listen to an awesome concert?!!?

But to sum it up. A wonderful night, the only thing that could make it more wonderful was if I got to see my husband who I haven't seen since Monday morning (yes I was out of town for his bday) and have barely been able to talk to all week because we have had opposing work schedules... me 8-5:30 or 6, Michael 6pm to 7 am. Can't wait to actually see him hopefully tomorrow!!

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  1. Ugh I hate Taylor Swift. And even with her 20 buses you can't disguise how truly terrible she is live. Don't even get me started.

    I'll have to check these guys out!