Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bad car luck and wreaths!

After finally warming up from the chilly wedding last night I woke up supppper early this morning and kinda chilled out until church.

After church we hung out with the Larson's. We went to Ramsey's for lunch. On the way there my car decided to get mad at us and become REALLY loud. Sweet, another thing to pay for! First I broke the dog and now the car is broken!! Here's what happened...
If you get a good look you can see that the muffler has become detached from the catalytic converter. I had work done on the muffler when I got the car when I was 16, had the muffler replaced, and I guess where they had welded it became detached again. So my car is super duper loud now. Like Michael and I could barely talk to each other and my ears were ringing from the noise.

But we let our Sunday continue. The girls and guys split up. The guys to disc golf. The girls to make wreaths. My wreath making abilities are not as good as Kara's. I was having a hard time with some major knotting in my yarn and spent most of the time untying knots. So I don't have a picture to show of my wreath because it is only halfway done. My second problem came during the cutting of the felt flowers. I tried 3 different pairs of scissors and my left handedness made it nearly impossible to cut through the felt. I say in the time it took me to make one flower Kara could have made at least 5. And since she's such a pro I'll show you the picture of her wreath which turned out gorgeous!
 You can't really see the colors well in this pic because of poor lighting but it looks very fall - y ... I loved it!!

That about sums up my Sunday besides the usual bible study and the dropping off of my car at an auto shop. Wish my car luck and a cheap repair bill!!

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