Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Saturday in Oktober

yes... I know how to spell was a good, fun, productive day. I started it off with a run/walk and then got to my cleaning business. I cleaned and scrubbed the house for a good 4 hours today. And man that was a workout in itself!

Oh and I think we need more Kroger bags??

You say no?!? I am actually going to take them back to Kroger tomorrow to have them recycled...they are definitely getting out of hand though!

Then it was time for October wedding #2 of 4. My step cousin Chris got married today so I got to hang out with my family and after the wedding  my Dad, Lisa, Dustin, Ryan, and his girlfriend, Michael, and I headed to Pazzos to hangout on their patio. Drink a beer and chat. It was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my family time. Sadly no pictures. Sometimes I just forget to take them.

After family time we headed home. Michael played some guitar and I hung out. THis is what happens when you try to take a picture on your phone when Willis decides to make a grumbling noise behind you and you start crack up....blurry!

Next we met up with the Hestads and the Larsons for Oktoberfest! I've never been to Oktoberfest before and the one in Lexington is just up the street from us, so I definitely wanted to try it. Plus, yesterday I saw a friend post a picture of this stuff....

And I had to go! I LOVE kettle corn! We split the large bag together and I feel like I probably ate at least half of it!!

Oh and look who we ran into at the festival!!! Becca, Annie, and Mollie!!

Oh and one reason I love Kentucky? Bluegrass music!! I wish we could have listened longer, I love this stuff!

After listening to a little bluegrass music, cause that's what you do in Kentucky, we headed over to the black jack table. I don't like gambling, it freaks me out, plus I'm a penny pinching accountant. But Michael loved it and played for a good solid hour. It was packed over in that area so it was really hard to see so I just chatted with everyone! After we had our fill everyone came back to our house where we just chatted for a bit. I love my friends, we always have a great time together, and now for bed because the early morning will come before we realize it!!

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