Saturday, October 29, 2011


Tonight I am suffering from my 4th headache this week. And I do not like that. Especially on a Friday. I was going to just say that and sign off but I guess I can go ahead and talk about my day.

So you know I have climbed a snow covered mountain...

and Been skiing more times than I can count...

But something about standing in a parking lot in the middle of Kentucky in dress clothes just really wasn't my cup of tea today. My work had a tailgate/Keeneland event today and man was it COLD outside. We all spent the first 2 hours standing outside freezing our tails off and basically complaining to each other about how cold we were.... sounds like fun right? We were definitely the ONLY ones tailgating too!!

But the party turned itself right around when we actually went inside at the track. The warmth turned my mood right around. Oh and maybe a hot chocolate with amaretto too!! I ended up spending my evening socializing and having a good time. And I made one $2 bet. Of course, my horse lost. But I wanted to see if my horse racing luck had turned around. FYI, it didn't!!

After a long day at Keeneland a couple of us (including Aaron L, awesome coworker, here's my shout out yo!) headed to Harry's for some grub. Got some of my fav crab Rangoon sushi rolls and chilled for a bit. By this time it was around 9 and I was ready to go home and put on my PJs and chill.

Well as soon as I walked in the door Michael said I could come up and visit him, which is rare cause his schedule is weird. I watched him eat dinner, weird, no, then we watched the baseball game. Michael is a pretty big Cardinals fan so he was very satisfied with the results of this evenings game.

But now, migraine has set in. Bright lights hurt. Bed is calling my name.

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