Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Funday!

Today was true to this blog post's title. Fun. It's probably because I actually got to hang out with the hubs today for the first time since last Sunday. Yes, he did sleep until 2 after getting off work this morning but that allowed me time to be lazy and get over my remaining icky-ness and run some errands. Oh and of course getting to hang out with Willis and Carson!

Um...went to Michael's (the store, that can get confusing!) today and purchased a frame for my diploma, it matches the other 3 we have and since I had a coupon it was only $3!! but then I purchased a 30 pound bag of dog food for $42, um....hello....expensive!!

Anywho, during my errands I hit up Critchfield's Meat Market to use my Groupon that was expiring tomorrow. I had never been there before AND I have never purchased meat, or as I would phrase it "fancy meat" before. I think all I EVER buy is ground beef/turkey and chicken. I'm a real exciting gal I know. But man, I was excited about this meat purchase! Is it weird to have meat excitement?! The Groupon was for $30 (bought it for $15) and it was just enough to get two 8 oz. filet mignon's and a little container of beer cheese. Well, I did have to pay 42 cents, but that was fine by me!! More about eating this delicious meat in a second.

Once home from my errands Michael was up. I gave him two options. A. take the dogs to the dog park since it was  gorgeous day or B. Go play putt putt since I had a groupon that was going to expire at the end of the year (or so I thought). Michael picked putt putt and we drove up, it was our lucky day!! Today was the putt putt course's last day of the season, so really I couldn't have used my groupon on 12/31/11, that's very deceiving of you Groupon!

We had a great time and since the groupon was for unlimited golf we played all 3 courses. And guess what? Michael only beat my buy a grand total of 10 strokes combining all 3 courses. Normally he beats me by 10 when we play one! I was so proud!

After putt putt it was time to make our yummy meal. Michael heated up our super cool (ahem ahem, ghetto) grill while I prepped some quick sides. We also whipped up a little dipping sauce of red wine, a pinch of brown sugar, and balsamic vinegar. Michael did a great job grilling up these yummy meat morsels!! I must say it was a dinner success!! We even opened up a bottle of wine that I helped bottle a couple months ago!

After dinner it was bible study time. Someone had mentioned dressing up for it (halloween) but when I texted everyone before they said they weren't going to. That was Michael's perfect opportunity to convince me to go against the crowd and dress up. So we did. And yes we were the only ones....we were the same 80's couple we dressed up as about 3 years ago.

3 years ago (October 17th, 2008 to be exact):
Super classy huh?! ( do I look like a baby or look the same?!)

Oh and look what I dug up, a picture of me and the bride, katie, that I wrote about yesterday. We wore very similar dresses to this party. It's funny because people always used to get us confused because we are both short and have curly hair...(and yes, that's a corn dog in my hand)

Overall a great day. Now time to prepare myself for another long work week!!

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  1. I can't believe that picture was three years ago!! Time flies!