Thursday, October 13, 2011

tv time (on the internet)

Whew...what a busy week it has been. I spent the past four days and nights in Somerset, KY at a client. And lets just say that area of KY is happenin'....but not really.

After arriving back at the casa at 7:45 I immediately changed into my super snazzy and classy fleece christmas pajama pants, a brusters sweatshirt, and my tie dye slippers and collapsed on the couch. Working hardcore for 10 hours a day in a clients conference room is uber tiring!

Michael and I made our dinners...for me a combo of rice krispies and chex and for him tuna mac. Then it was time for me to finally watch this...

The girl on the top left, Laura, is my fav! She's from Stanford, KY which is right down the road from Lexington!

Tyra is crazy! I've been trying to watch the most recent episode for the past week but the wifi was so terrible in the hotel I couldn't even do it if I tried!!

Then we got a phone call from  Michael's friend and we had to meet him on the highway with some gas since he unfortunately ran out right before hitting Lexington. Lucky for him, he got to see me in my super fashionable and sleek lounging around the house clothes!

Once we returned we watched the most hilarious show in the world...

This show ALWAYS makes me laugh and I think anyone and everyone could appreciate it. So if you've never seen it, give it a go!

And with that I am off to get my sleepy self to bed!!

OH and P.S. super special thanks go out to Miss Brittany M. for tending to my pups while my husband worked at the hospital for 32 hours straight. You are a life saver!

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  1. I LOVE Modern Family!! Seriously hilarious :)