Sunday, November 4, 2012

October in Review and November goals

Since I decided to document my October goals last month, I needed to follow through and tell you how I did!! I'm relatively satisfied with how my goals were incorporated into October but I still have things to work on that I will be striving for in November!

1. Do at at least 100 crunches a day.  I would say that during the first 3 weeks of October I did this about 4-5 days out of the week. As some of you know I started a new job in Mid October and we were doing quarter end close the last week of October and working out did not happen. AT. ALL. since I was working long and late hours!

2. Do at least 10 real push ups a day. Same answer as above, since when I did the crunches I followed them with pushups.

3. Eat better. Fail fail, double fail, super fail! I realized as October rounded to a close that I felt awful in regards to my eating habits in the past month. All the crud I was eating made me feel sluggish and tired! With the new job and getting all situated I for some reason started buying Healthy Choice meals. I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE WHY DID I START? Cause I was being lazy! Healthy choice meals have SO much salt in them AND they barely keep me full! And then there's the candy bowl, for some reason my new coworkers and I continually dominating that candy bowl which lead to afternoons of regret and then a repeat the following day. Thank goodness Halloween has come and gone, maybe that means the candy won't be coming in as quickly and tempting me to make terrible choices!

4. Get back into consistent running shape. womp womp. I have not been running consistently. There were a few days one week in october that I did a couple of outdoor runs when it was nice out but due to my poor food choices I have felt too tired to run even when I end up at the gym I opt for the elliptical due to my lack of energy. We did run a 5k with some friends though! And I did run with Carson for the first time since we moved to Columbus!


5. try at least ONE pinterest recipe and ONE pinterest craft in month of October. SUCCESS SUCCESS, I guess this is the only goal I truly succeeded with! For Michael's birthday I made him caramel apple cheesecake bars, huge success!! Michael's mom and grandmother enjoyed them and then Michael took them to work and everyone loved them too! yippee!! My Pinterest craft was a christmas decoration that I plan on hanging over our fireplace:

I think it turned out cute. I had originally wanted to make this saying "thankful" and have a thanksgiving decoration for the house since I am limited in that aspect, however, the craft store decided to go full blown Christmas on me in October so that's what I went with!

 And how am I doing on my October/November Activities that I listed last month? I think pretty darn well so far!

1. pumpkin patch - didn't happen and I'm not sure how this happened but I didn't carve a pumpkin either!!!
2. Circleville Pumpkin Festival - Went with Michael, Liz, Catherine, and Drew and had a blast eating pumpkin everything!

3. Bonfire - not yet but there's still time! The chilly weather definitely calls for a bonfire!!
4. Keeneland in Lexington - CHECK! A few of my friends had a little going away get together for my amazing high school friends Tim and Bailey, since they are moving to Texas. We decided to have this get-together at Keeneland and it was a blast! Pretty chilly but when you are with great, long-time friends it's worth it!

5. OSU tailgate  - Nope. Michael has worked every weekend that the team is in town, but now that he may have some weekends off coming up maybe we can participate in the OSU activities!
6. Hiking and seeing the gorgeous changing leaves - Not yet, but I'm hoping with Michael's availability that we can maybe do this soon!

***added to my list***
7. Football game - Michael, Michael's sister Andrea, brother-in-law Matt, and I went to the Bengals vs. Broncos game this past Sunday! We had so much fun! (footbal is definitely a fall activity!) 

8. Bake with pumpkin -- made 2 loaves of pumpkin bread!

November goals:

1. Create a meal plan for the month and cook more at home

2. plan my workouts at the begin of the week in order to fully commit to them

3. pack my lunches....healthier lunches!

4. work on my fall activities list   - do something new in Columbus!

5. Vote in a swing state! woah!

6. Read Les Miserables ...i've never read it!

Well there ya have it! Lets hope November is a good month and that I don't freeze to death!


  1. Yes on reading Les Mis! And then we will go see it for Christmas :)

  2. These seem like great and reasonable goals! So many of them work together, that I know if you do one, the others will follow!

  3. I definitely need to start writing my goals down like this so I can physically see what I want to do. =P