Monday, February 20, 2012

And the fun don't stop!

Whew! Guys, life has been crazy busy!

Like I have been so busy Michael has taken it upon himself to clean our house 3 times!! I haven't cleaned it in sooo long! But things have been good the past couple of weeks!

Yes, I am working 55 + hours a week...but I'm finding that work life balance they talk about except its like. Workkkkkkkkk 8-7 then hurry workout....then doing something fun...then go to it all over again!

So why not get caught up on what i've been doing?

I have a hefty amount of pictures on my phone so here we go!

- I have been running...well when time permits

- I have been trying to cook new recipes...well when time permits --- Tonight we made spaghetti squash with chicken, peas, broccoli, sundried tomatoes, and garlic and it was tastey and you couldn't tell it was healthy. Michael even gave me a high five.

- I have been patiently awaiting becoming an auntie! Michael's sister is due on the 21st!! whoop whoop! exciting!

- I have been trying to read but failing due to my busyness and trying to incorporate fun into my life.

- I went to the UK vs Ole Miss Basketball game on Saturday. Walked straight from work to the game. It was awesome and it made me a very happy lady.

- I have been taking full advantage of our free work meals on Saturdays. Um hello can you say Panera bagel + half a pumpkin muffin + fruit for breakfast?!?! So I definitely wasn't that hungry for lunch and filled up on pudding with bananas, cool whip, and nilla wafers!
- I have been having a movie night with my love Becca, with wine, and peanut butter m&ms and cuddling under blankets.

- I have been counting down the days until Michael's match day ---25 if you'd really like to know

-I've been mentoring my girl Adrielle. Bowling and getting our nails done all in one week?! super fun!

- I've been celebrating know...Kara's birthday...cause she's awesome

- I've been enjoying large margaritas!
- I've been playing scrabble with awesome know like real life words with friends?!

- I've been celebrating Valentines day (post to come about this wonderful day)

 -I've been enjoying the little things in life like Dunkaroos!

- I've been visiting Columbus to visit the very Cute Drew and Catherine Hamilton while enjoying a tour of the city and some fancy ice cream from Jeni's and yummy lunch from North Market (Columbus has reached the top of our list of places for Michael's residency)(this is gooey cake ice cream!)

I've been spending a TON of quality time with my hubby since I have been home the passed 2 weeks and it's been wonderful. Just the perfect work pick-me-up I needed!

It's been great! It's been crazy busy, but I'm young, I can handle this. At least I'm having a good time!!

Goodnight friends!

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  1. Hooooray, post! :)

    It's awesome that even though you are crazy busy, you're finding time to do lots of fun stuff!

    I must say, I'm not nearly as busy, and you guys have done tons more fun things! I miss living near civilization! :)