Thursday, February 9, 2012

My sincerest apologies

Hello little bloggy

I’m Ashley and I’ve been a bad blogger as of late.

Can I make excuses?

Will you forgive me?!

Guys, honestly, my days have been packed.

Some of these days they are packed for the good and some of them, depending on the week, are packed full of icky.

And I mean I feel bad every day that goes by that I don’t blog. But it just can’t happen

Last week, well I won’t give last work week more than a few sentences. It just was not a good week. I’m not going to harp on it. Tears were shed but it’s over.

Now this week. I’m pretty happy with this week. My client is pretty low stress. I’m working in downtown Cincy. I have gotten to see my parents 2 nights this week. See my high school girlies (Bailey, Olivia, and Azra) for a chic sushi dinner in Hyde Park and ice cream at Bay’s after. I’ve been able to get in my parent’s hot tub. Michael joined my parents and myself for dinner Monday night. We visited ice cream heaven (Brusters). This week while working and living “on the road” I am a happy Ashley. And it’s allll good.

Optimism and Joy?! I think so!

And you know what else I haven’t even mentioned yet?! I haven’t exercised in a full week today. Ok that’s not good news. It’s actually bad. I had plans of starting my official half marathon training on Monday. But last Tuesday or Wednesday (can’t remember, week was a blur of ick) I was doing a circuit workout in the gym at like 6 in the morning. Sometime during that super intense and awesome workout I did something wrong. And now my back is jacked. Like I am constantly uncomfortable, even lying down I feel it. So sitting in conference room chairs that are built for 300 pound men does not do my petite frame well.

I have used a heating pad multiple times, refrained from exercise (which is IMPOSSIBLE for me), even had a licensed massage therapist work on my back, applied icey hot, Lisa rubbed it down for a while. And it just doesn’t seem to be feeling better. I’m going through workout withdrawals. Plus, I can’t give myself an excuse to eat that ice cream and not feel bad about it later, but since I’m used to working out all the time I’m used to burning it off relatively quickly by working out every day. UGH. So there, I haven’t been exercising and it’s so annoying. I really don’t want to get behind on my training plan but here I am already behind. And I guaranty I’ll feel out of shape on my first couple of runs!

But you know what? It’s hasn’t gotten me down! Not this week! I have my family and friends to distract me at night. And I think a cold came along to help me realize to chill too, so my body is appreciating the extra hour of sleep that I can get in the morning, or more work that I can get done in the evenings. I mean if you can’t hear out of your right ear and your back is feeling strained constantly I’m guessing its time to listen to your body.

Anywho…enough about my body.

I have so much to fill you in on and some pictures to post but this is getting pretty lengthy and well, I might just try to catch up on a little tv since I haven’t watched in a week.

Tonight on tap in Cincy fun?! Dinner with my good ol’ J-Boh.

Also, be looking forward to a recipe post. I NEED to make one this weekend and I have one in mind. Kinda excited about it. I failed at the whole recipe thing last week.

Also, need to get to reading my February book. I just haven’t wanted to read after the awesomeness that is the Hunger games, nothing can compare!

Well goodnight little blog and I hope to see you shortly!

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