Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

Despite a pretty tiring workday today (worked from 8:15am to 7:45pm at the client) and a icky run at 5:45 am this morning I can say to sum it up that I can find wonderful things in my day. And the optimism continues.

Maybe my optimism can be somewhat annoying, but on days when we are working 12 hours I think it is a way better option than being a negative Nancy.

Things that made my day:

1.     Let start with the big one, cause you know it really was pretty awesome. Today I became an AUNT! Isn’t that weird sounding? No, none of my siblings had a child, Michael’s oldest sister Jennifer did! She was a week late with no symptoms still so they induced her on Tuesday hoping to have a child by Wednesday, which also happened to be Leap day! Well after hours of waiting – almost 48 – Baby Antoine entered the world on March 1st around 5am (Seattle time of course). What a great way to start the day. I nearly shrieked with joy when I received this pictures of little Antoine:

2.     An employee at our client, who dresses cute and such complimented me on my shoes today. It made me feel good. You can’t bring me down work!

3.     I was able to run 5 miles before my work day even began. Yes the run felt AWFUL, which I blame on mozzarella sticks, French fries, and mcDonald’s hot fudge sundae (I hadn’t had ice cream all week and was really craving it guys, how bad!) that I had consumed the night before at dinner. But you know what, I’m glad I got a significant run in during the middle of the week! (i am so sweaty and gross and look like death warmed over):

4.     I am 75% through my “February” book. I am counting this as keeping up with my resolution. I sure hope you accept this. Still enjoying Mindy Kaling’s book, I read it on the touch pad during our 30 minute drive to the client and in the hotel room at night before bed.

5.     My fortune cookie from the Chinese Buffet we had for lunch today was actually a fortune for once. And you didn’t even need to add the usual “in bed” at the end, it was sort of implied! :)

6.     Um hello guys. The sun. it’s shining. Like crazy. And it’s so warm. My lunch break rides in the car to lunch are spent smiling and gabbing about how much I am loving this.

7.     And it wouldn’t be an Ashley post without some dogs. Loving that I have an awesome hubby that knows I can’t get through a week without some pictures of my pups!

8.     I’m about to go out to eat pizza with coworkers and watch UK. Michael is at the game and it’s Senior Night! I love me some Darius and Eloy! Go Cats!

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  1. Great blog! Good to hear from you! Love from another aunt!