Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A tale of 2 Cities

So I thought it would be kinda fun to write 2 different posts about the 2 cities that are important to me right now in my life…




I thought I would talk about some of the things I’ve loved, will love, haven’t enjoyed, etc. A good way to realize how good I’ve got it but to also help me realize how exciting our future will be.

I decided that I will start with the great city of Lexington, KY.

As I sit here trying to think of where to start, I slightly teared up. So much has happened for me in this city since I was first welcomed in in 2006 when I graduated from high school and came to high school.

Now let’s get this straight first. During my college search my dream college was the University of Miami (OHIO). I got in, however, the financial aid was not at the level that I needed it to be. Therefore I had to pick another more affordable school. I REALLY wasn’t all that interested in the University of Kentucky. Mainly because so many of my high schoolmates would be attending this university. But once my friend Bailey informed me that she enjoyed the campus of UK better than U of L , I had to check it out and before I knew it was packing up my room in in NKY and heading down to Lexington to start college.

I have fallen in love with this city. Not sure if its due the fact that I met my love here. Or if its because I got married here. Owned my first home here. Raised 2 super cute puppies here. Met a ton of my friends here. Or even the scenery (um, hello gorgeous!)

What I do know is that it has been perfect for me!

Lexington is moderately sized. Not large and overwhelming to me like a Chicago/St. Louis/NY type city but not as small as my hometown. And also not as urban as Louisville and Cincinnati. It’s the type of town where you can see people you know out and about all the time or not at all. AND I LOVE RUNNING INTO MY FRIENDS!

See a small town feel…

So now it’s time to start a list, because I like lists, being the task-oriented person that I am !

11.     The University of Kentucky – I spent 4 years earning my undergraduate degrees and 1 year obtaining my masters at this University and I loved my entire time spent here!

22.     My wedding – even though I am not originally from Lexington I knew I wanted to have our wedding in Lexington. It’s a gorgeous setting for love.

33.     Basketball – Can you say 8 National Titles? I knew NOTHING about basketball when I came to Lexington. Now I am fully entwined in basketball. This city breathes for basketball season. Everyone awakens with a full spirit when basketball starts back up. It is so much fun to be involved with such a well-respected and historic basketball program. This is something I will greatly miss, guess I better get used to football season being the important season in Columbus!

44.     CSF – I met almost all of my friends from college at the Christian Student Fellowship, some of these people have played very important roles in my life. For instance, Becca went to CSF before I met her, then I ended up living with her for 3 years and we are still super close. Then there is Vanna who I ended up being her matron of honor in her wedding and she being a bridesmaid in mine. Then there are the countless others, Andy, the Sams, Mike, Beau, LB, Drees, Ferg, etc. You all have played a crucial role in my life and a reason why I love Lexington!

55.     Adrielle – April 14th marks 2 years that Adrielle and I have been matched in our mentor/mentee relationship. And with our move comes the “official” end of our mentoring relationship. That doesn’t mean anything is over, but I have come to learn so much about this young woman, we have had all kinds over adventures together throughout Lexington from skating, movies, snacks, crafts, baking, dog walking, Wii, etc. I will always cherish the relationship we built in Lexington.

66.     Old homes – One thing I knew I would miss immediately when leaving Lexington were the old homes. I truly enjoy all the old homes in the Chevy Chase, Chinoe, Richmond Road area. Their character, the tall trees, the history, I always dreamed of living in one, and you never know we may end up back here :)
77.     Horse farms – After match day my family, michael’s family, Michael and I went out to dinner at a vineyard in the countryside of KY for dinner. On the way out to the restaurant I teared up. The scenery is gorgeous in Lexington. Lexington is surrounded by horse farms every way around. I love the green rolling hills, the fences, the horses doting the scenery, the beautiful blooming trees, the grand barns that resemble massive houses. It is definitely unlike any other areas I’ve ever seen. It is so peaceful.

88.     Southland Christian Church – A few weeks ago the Larson’s came to Southland with us for church. While walking out Jonathan said, “hey isn’t this your name on the wall here? “. I have been looking for that since it happened! Southland has a wall behind the baptismal that everyone signs when they are baptized. I was baptized at Southland on 11-11-07 and knowing that a piece of my history is there for everyone to see helps remind me that I’ve left my mark. Michael and I will greatly miss our church. The people. Jon Weece.

99.     Castle – There is a real castle on the outskirts of Lexington – how many cities do you know with a full blown castle that isn’t in Europe?!

110.  Legacy Trail – This trail is a great new addition to Lexington. About 17 miles out and back to the horse farm, the scenery of farmland, rolling hills, it’s fun for the whole family!
111.  Local Eateries – Some local eateries we have come to love include Merrick Inn, Ramsey’s, Billy’s Barbeque, Rincon Mexican, Cheapside, DeShas, Sals, Malones, Drakes. Who doesn’t love a good local restaurant?
112.  Weather (spring and fall are may favorite in the bluegrass) – EVERYTHING is in bloom here. It’s wonderful. Unless you have allergies, a lot of people get dragged down during this time of year since Lexington has some of the highest pollen counts in the US! The fall is also pretty awesome here too with all the foliage. I can’t complain :)
113.  The Gorge in close proximity – Michael and I have taken many a trip to the Gorge with the dogs, without the dogs, hiking, camping. I’m sad that it will be more than just an hour car ride away!

114.  Keeneland – Horse racing is one of the 4 things Kentucky is known for (Bluegrass, Basketball, Bourbon, and Horses). Although I’m not the gambling type Keeneland is a great place to dress up, meet up with friends and make a day of the races! And since I’m a creeper and love people watching so much this is definitely the place for it. From the preppy guys in their suits to the girls in their pretty dresses. It’s a fun place for everyone!

115.  Family – I didn’t mean to save this until last but this is definitely a great thing to have around. I can’t count how many times Michael’s family has been able to help us out with things since they are so close by. Watching our dogs, taking us out to dinner, letting us in the house when we are locked out, watching basketball games together, letting us crash their house for bible study parties, cookouts, etc. It is definitely an asset to have the Kasten’s in town and my family only an hour away and my brother an hour away in Louisville. Now the Kasten’s will be 3 hours and my family 2 hours. Although this is still manageable it won’t be as convenient. You think if I offer them a dog babysitting job that would be enough to convince everyone to move up to Columbus?

Well there you have it. My short list version of some of the things I love about Lexington.

I shall return one day Lexington, don't you worry!

What do you love about your “Hometown”?

What do you love about Lexington? 

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