Friday, April 6, 2012

Well take a look at that...

I cannot believe I have not written a blog post in over a MONTH!! That is crazy. But truly, my life has been crazy the past month, so I apologize for not writing, BUT tomorrow is the first Saturday that I don't have to work!! So I actually have time to sit down and write a blog. But oh where do I start?

So much has happened in the past month, like sooooo much. Ok, well a lot of it was working a ton. But there were also things like oh you know, Michael matching into a surgery residency program at Riverside Hospital in Columbus, OH. Oh you know, no biggie, we will just be moving very shortly. Hopefully into this totally awesome house that we have basically bought, inspection done, just need to finish up the financing. I really hope nothing happens to mess up getting this house because it is adorable! I am a super fan of old houses since I grew up in a 100 year old farm house, old houses have a special place in my heart. "Our" house was built in 1940 and you know what else it has?! A yard! Our dogs can finally roam free, I feel happiness for them :)

So what else besides a job for Michael, a new house for us in a completely new city? Well today I found out that my company will be able to keep me on with them in their large office in Columbus!! What great news! No job search for this girl! I was kind of getting worried that this might happen, but thankful the big man in the sky pulled through, purty awesome!

Oh yeah and about a week ago I turned 24. But that was kind of boring. Busy season birthday = lame. But at least my coworkers were pretty awesome about celebrating it with my in the good old eastern kentucky town of Hazard. 

What else what else? Oh the past 2 weeks i've been a pretty big slacker in the whole training for a half marathon thing that will be happening on April 28th. 10 mile run tomorrow should be interesting. I blame this lack of interest in running due to my job's busyness AND the WILDCATS WINNING THE NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP! If you were unaware UK won the big tournament and brought home our 8th national championship and our town went crazy! It has been 14 years since we won the last one, and for UK fans that is an eternity. So lets say there were grand celebrations throughout the city involving multiple couch sacrifices, a couple cars, lots of honking and people surfing on top of cars as they moved down the street, lots of cops, public drinking and drunkenness, and an overall since of happiness and togetherness. I loved being in the city to watch the game and celebrate with everyone, this is definitely one huge thing I will miss about Lexington. Luckily they won in our last year in Lexington, what a send off cats!

So that's my quick update for now. Thought i'd fill you in on what's going on. Hopefully I will be a little more regular with my blogging, but now that busy season has settled down it appears that I will be traveling to weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, stock the bar parties, bachelorette parties, family reunions, etc. on the weekends through the next few months. WHEW...I need a vacation!

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  1. Hooray!

    I hope the house works out! Can't wait to hear about it!