Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Resolutions and May goals

Hey friends! I'm still out here don't you worry! And yes, I am still trying to keep up with my New Years resolutions. I have been slightly failing at a good amount of them but I thought it'd be good to do a little recap.

Goal #1:
Try to cook something new a each week.

Ok, this is a fail. However, 2 weekends ago I made a new homemade dog treat recipe. Michael made a new tasty spinach, garlic and chicken lasagna recipe a week ago too. So we are randomly trying to cook new things. But with all the busy season work, buying a house, preparing to sell a house it seems like a bad idea to go out and stock up our kitchen since we will be moving at the end of the month! I would like to try some new recipes though, definitely in a food rut!

Goal #2
Sub 1:50 the Derby Mini marathon
stole this picture from Andrea. From left to right. Michael's Dad Greg (ran his first full marathon in 5:10), Andrea (PRed her 2nd half marathon by 7 minutes, how awesome!), Michael (ran the full in 3:50), Me (half marathon, 1:52), Jeff (Abby's husband who ran his first half marathon, Abby ran with us last year but is super cute and preggo this year!)

Oh look another excuse. I did run the half marathon however I did it in 1:52...wah wah. I was glad though that I did not walk at all. In my training runs I had been mixing it up with running and walking but I did not let myself walk at all even though my hip and knee joints were screaming at me. I realized looking back at my derby post from last year that I did it in 1:59 so i guess it's an improvement but my overall PR is a 1:52 at the Indianapolis mini marathon.
Chip Time was 1:52

Michael ran the full marathon and did it in 3:50. He is now being crazy and wanting to PR a half marathon and is looking for a race to run in May or June. I think we now may be going to Chicago for their half in June. Now the question is do I put myself through the torture of training alone. Which I despise, guys, I get super lonely, and then negative, all in order to get a PR or do I just go and support?! Opinions?! Anyone wanting to train if I decide to continue on since I'm already in the running shape?

Goal #3
Try to complete a book a month.

January - The Hunger Games Series
February -"Is Everyone Hanging out with Me?" - By Mindy Kaling
March - nothing
April - Wicked
2012-04-25 19.26.23.jpg
Reading Wicked last week while eating Michael's lasagna!

I finally sat down and dug into Wicked at the beginning of last week and ended up flying through the 400 page book in a week! Glad I made my April goal before the month was over! Now to pick a new book to read....

Goal #4
2 date nights a month with the hubby

I'm pretty sure it was April when Michael and I went out to dinner at Merrick Inn, we also went to the theater (which is rare for us) and saw 21 Jumpstreet last month. I know there were a few other times that we did activities, like getting massages together. Now we must work on setting actual real date nights, not just turning a night into one. Although i'm afraid that once Michael starts working this may be near impossible :(

Goal #5
Choose Optimism

I can say that this is true. The night before the half I was very anxious as usual. But as I was laying in bed trying to sleep I just kept talking myself up, encouraging myself that I had trained hard and that I could do this run no problem. I can say I chose joy!

A couple of Goal for May:

1. Ride this baby more often. I LOVE traveling via bicycle. I must make the effort to ride my bike more often! -- I rode it to the gym yesterday and was reminded how much I enjoy doing that!
2012-05-01 15.42.56.jpg
2. Reduce sugar intake. Beach vaca is right around the corner and honestly I consume WAY too much sugar, even at breakfast I'll sneak in some jelly beans or a cookie after I eat my cereal. So this month I will attempt to reduce my dessert each meal way of life and limit my self to special occasions and fun times with friends! That means I shouldn't be enjoying ice cream cones like this one that I got while in Louisville for training and hanging out with my brother. Also doesn't help when Michael's mom gives us a bag of jelly beans, which I have an official addiction to.

Less of this:
More of this:


And of course to keep up with my other goals. 

So there's that, a little review of my goals and my progression! Hope your goals are being achieved as well!

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  1. Maybe run it, work on some speedwork before then, and do it for fun? A PR would be awesome, but not make yourself miserable over it?