Monday, April 16, 2012

Columbus - Our new home

Well there was my post about Lexington. And I'm still sad about it. BUT exciting things are too come in a couple short months/weeks. Do we want to learn about Columbus, Ohio now?!

Well obviously since I've never lived there before and been there maybe a total of 3-4 times (1 for shopping, 1 for fireworks, twice looking at houses) I can't really give you a ton of things like I did for Lexington but I can give you a bit AND the internet will help me out a lot too! :)
We can start with this though. Here is what our house looks like! Its in a super quaint town/area and I'm very excited about living here. Still waiting on a couple of loan things to go through and the fixing of a couple items noted in the inspection. Our lovely little house was built in 1940 and has a picket fence and a yard! :)
1. COSI - What is COSI? No, not the restaurant. Only the coolest field trip location for an elementary school student and everyone else too. We went to COSI once in elementary school and it was epic. It's a science museum, a VERY interactive science museum. I can't wait to take Michael there. SO FUN to get your hands on everything!

2. Ohio State University ?! - Yes, being a large UK fan does not make me happy to be moving to a city with a large powerhouse school. BUT it is pretty exciting to be living in a town that LOVES their football season. So maybe OSU football and UK everything else, especially basketball! I definitely think it will be fun to be involved with OSU, especially since we already understand how to be hardcore fans!

3. Easton & Shopping

4. More and more food - from what I hear they have more vegetarian and vegan options in Columbus. Not that I'm either but that definitely makes it sound like the restaurant scene is a tad bit more diverse than Lexington. However I will be missing my country southern cookin' of Lexington!
5. Running Trails! - The handful of times Michael and I have been to Columbus we have taken notice of the running/biking trails that seem to be everywhere and booming with people. Apparently the Olentangy trail is 13.75 miles long, starting in Worthington Hills and ending in downtown Columbus! Can't wait to give that a try!!
6. Arena District - This area was recently built and is pretty snazzy. My friend Drew also works in this area and there are areas to live. The Hockey team is housed in this area along with concert venues and the minor league baseball park. The area is pretty awesome and apparently used to be  the Ohio Penitentiary.

7. The North Market - Our friends Drew and Catherine took us to the North Market when we originally came to visit. This place is awesome and reminds me of a downsized version of Seattle's market. A year-round farmer's market/eatery sounds good to me! :)

8. the Olentangy River and the Scioto River - growing up down the road from the Ohio River I became used to being around rivers. Lexington doesn't have any major waterways going through. Columbus has 2! And they both have funny names!
9. Festivals - From what Michael and I have read there are some great festivals in Columbus. I have been to their red, white and boom 4th of July fireworks show and it's pretty impressive. Also something I'm looking forward to is the Ocktoberfest held in German Town (super cute area of Columbus!).
10. Professional Sports Teams - Professional sports teams in Hockey, Soccer and a minor league team. That's a tiny bit of a leg up when compared to Lexington, which has no professional teams, well, unless you count our UK basketball team :)
11. Concerts - Something that Lexington often lacks is a large amount of concert options. Columbus has venues of all sizes and attracts a lot of the musicians I enjoy! I will most definitely be attending more concerts in Columbus!
12. Columbus Zoo - Jack Hanna originally worked at this Zoo! And who doesn't love the zoo? ! i love animals obviously. In 2009 this zoo was named the #1 Zoo to visit!
13. Buckeyes Candy - the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter! Yes it's slightly embarrassing for OSU's mascot to be a nut, but I will fully support the candy version! :)
14. OH and the reason we are moving to Columbus --- Riverside Hospital! Where Michael will be working!

Annndddd that's all i've got for now. Do you have anything to add? I'm sure i'm missing out on major attractions/events/etc.

Fill me in, I want to know more!


  1. #1. although lexington will miss you, i'm glad you'll be close to my parent's home!!! that means you can come visit at the lake and i can come visit in columbus! #2. your list is awesome. cosi is fabulous, the north market is the best, and shopping is pretty wonderful. don't get your hopes up about the rivers... i wouldn't swim in them if you paid me (but you can come to the lake ;) ) AND riverside is where my mom had her breast cancer surgery! when do you move? i'll have to come see your new house!

  2. That house is super cute! I am so excited for you guys. And COSI is so fun!