Monday, January 16, 2012


What's worse than having to work in a tiny town that's a 2 hour drive from home all week? Getting stuck in bumper to bumper stock still traffic on the mountain parkway. We've been sitting here and haven't moved an inch in 45 minutes.  I also have no phone service. And the reading apparently I have is starting to girt my eyes in the dark.

Yes, this is completely selfish of me.

Opportunity to be optimistic?

I am grateful I am not involved in that wreck in front of us that we've seen one ambulance leave another arrive, 2 cop cars, and 2 tow trucks drive towards.

I'm grateful for a warm car to sit in with Sirius radio.

I'm grateful for the great weekend I had with my hubby and some great friends!

I'm grateful we had dinner before we left. A nice and yummy dinner from cheapside.

I'm grateful knowing Michael's working in a different direction.  No chance he's involved.

And I'm grateful that once I started typing this blog we started moving.

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