Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recipe update plus more

I wanted to keep you all up to date with my recipe making! This week wasn't a true "recipe" since it was so simple, however, I had never made it before so I thought that would count, plus it was SUPER easy!

 I made pulled chicken (Michael had it in sandwich form, I ate mine without the bread because I discovered my sandwich thins had turned green, that's what happens when you are out of town for 2 weeks!), corn bread muffins, baked beans, and peas! It was an easy comfort food filled meal. And man oh man, how much did I love having 2 home cooked meals in a row. Dining out is no fun to me anymore especially when you have pizza 2 days in a row, Bob Evans for dinner one night and for lunch the next day, and other nasty fried food.

My awesome home cooked meal yesterday was made by my one and only hubby!! He found a recipe on the spicy chicken sausage package for some yummy taco/burritos. The meat mixture had onions, corn, hot sauce, and sausage. Then we had refried beans, lettuce, and tomatoes! This was way better than something you would get at a Mexican restaurant. It was sooo good!

Of course I had to help clean out our fridge and polish of the orange juice with a splash of malibu coconut rum! Can you believe I have had that rum bottle since my 21st birthday?! There is probably enough left for one drink, sad day! (sorry for the blurry pic)

Also, since everything is so awesome I wanted to share my awesome workout that I did at the Johnson Center today. And can I tell you how at home I felt finally being back at the Johnson Center. Surrounded by motivated people, nice machines, and plenty to keep me distracted.

This run was awesome and with the intervals the 6 miles passed by so quickly! I ended up finishing in 47:59 which I was ecstatic about since I haven't ran 6 miles in months!

Distance Speed
0-1 mile warm up 6.5-7.0
1-1.50 8.0
1.50-1.75 7.0
1.75-2.25 8.0
2.25-2.50 7.0
2.5-3.0 8.0
3.0-3.25 7.0
3.25-3.75 8.0
3.75-4.0 7.0
4.0-4.25 8.5
4.25-4.5 7.0
4.5-4.75 8.5
4.75-5.0 7.0
5.0-5.25 8.5
5.25-5.5 7.0
5.5-5.75 8.5
5.75-6.0 7.0
My endorphins were out of control after this amazing run!!

Even though I had to work from 8-5 today I still felt like today was a pretty awesome day!

Oh and I totally forgot to mention, I finally got to see my Becca today! She moved a week or 2 ago to her very own 1 bedroom apartment and I went over to hang out with her while she got ready to go out and hang out with friends tonight. I was invited but couldn't convince myself to get myself ready and presentable and I kinda just wanted to chill at home in my PJs since I haven't been here much. I loved seeing her though and we talked for a full hour. I just sat on her toilet lid while she got all prettified! 

One last note. If you are one to read blogs I would recommend reading this one. My friend Jessica (and birthday buddy, we have the same birthday and went and got our permits on the same day) has been writing an awesome blog for the past year and she is a great inspiration! She has lost an awesome amount of weight doing weight watchers so far and working out hard, I am so proud of her!! So check out her blog!

Ok, I'm going for real now! Happy Saturday everyone!!

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