Sunday, January 8, 2012

Successful first use of recipe!

Well I succeeded in my first week of using a recipe challenge. However, I've determined that the weekly meal planning is not really feasible when I will not be home for the next 2 weeks and Michael was gone a good portion of the week last week. OHHHH welll!

I have also been doing purty good at being optimistic. My first Saturday of working was actually not bad at all and really productive!! One saturday down, 11 to go!

Oh and I have succeeded in already reading a book for this month! Finished the Hunger Games Book 1 on Friday night and I'm about 2/3 of the way through book 2! Loving this series so far! Would highly recommend it! I also can't wait for the MOVIE in March!!
More about my recipe cooking.

Back when I was in Atlanta before Thanksgiving my Aunt Carin was prepping for Thanksgiving and making twice baked potatoes. Once I saw them and knowing my LOVE for potatoes I knew I had to try them, plus they aren't that hard to make, just a bit time consuming.

So after my first busy season Saturday I came home from work and headed to the grocery bought my potatoes and fixin's and made these delicious babes:

MmMmMmM!! So cheesy and warm!! Oh and random poll question? Do you eat the skins on twice baked potatoes?! I totally do, I will eat the skins when i eat normal baked potatoes too. Michael thinks its gross, but he also thinks its gross to suck the salt off of a pistachio shell before cracking into the nut!

It seems like I made a lot of them and that's because I did. Potatoes come in LARGE quantities and I don't want these suckers sitting around forever! Plus I opted for the cheaper smaller ones. But according to the recipe these babies can be frozen so we froze a good portion of them!

Here's a link to the simple recipe I used!

Also, in other super randomness. When Michael and I got home from the gym (we both went and ran yippee!) after church we spotted this beaut when we got out of the car!!

All these fratty looking guys were hopping out of the thing. Super random! Michael and I did end up eating hot dogs for lunch though (even though we planned that before the Oscar Meyer sighting!)

And now that I look at this picture can I mention how much I have been LOVING this warm January thus far!! No complaining from this girl! I ran outside yesterday in shorts!! That's normally craziness for this time of year in these parts!!

Anywho....super random post. Just wanted to update ya on my recipe progress. Looks like Saturdays will be my only opportunity to cook for the next few months!!

Hope your weekend was swell! My one weekend day, Sunday, was great!

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