Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week to Weekend-ish recap-ish

Hey guys. Sorry for the what seems long to me absence from blogging. When people call "busy season" in the accounting world is really just taking away a lot of blogging opportunities for me since I have to use my brain for mass amounts of times 6 days a week and then I'm just beat by the time I get back to the hotel room.

However, Last week I was able to finish the third Hunger Games. Now I REALLY can't wait for the movies! So that brings my January total of books read to THREE! whoop whoop! And guess who is now addicted to the books?!? Mr. Michael! He actually was up until 2:30 am last night reading the second book on his touch pad! He will have the whole series done in like 3-4 days! I think I'm going to finish reading/starting Wicked and maybe starting "The Help" this week.

Last week I was actually pretty proud. I didn't use the hotel room TV once. Ok ok, so I did watch the Bachelor (what is wrong with me, I've never watched this show before, but I guess with my semi-boring accounting life I needed some women fighting for one guy sillyness, really, what has gotten into me?!) and I watched the UK game in the hotel lobby with 2 of my coworkers. But that was the extent of my tv watching for the time periods that I would be in my hotel room from about 7:30 pm until I went to sleep!
I spent most of my time reading and flying through the Hunger Games and then trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour!

I am also proud that I got myself up at 5:30 Central time 3 of the 4 mornings while in Indiana (working in Illinois). My body still does not seem to like that time because my legs don't really like moving that quickly in the morning. BUUTTTT I did it. Also, the gym as NOT connected to our hotel room so I would sprint through the snow in my shorts to the gym. Commitment. One week. Can I pull it off this week?! I sure hope so !

So, the little bit of a weekend I did have...AKA Saturday evening and Sunday was actually purty good but Michael and I were kept busy! Of course I worked all day Saturday and maybe snuck in a few seconds of the UK vs UT game. After work I headed home on a quest to complete a new recipe for week 2. I decided simple wasn't a bad idea since I was exhausted from the week. So I made a Lasagna. I have never made lasagna before, yes I know they aren't hard to make, but my challenge was to make something I hadn't made before, so there you have it!

The goal was to workout while the lasagna was cooking. That was a fail. I was exhausted. But I did end up with a yummy looking lasagna !

After consuming the warm and gooey lasagna it was time to hangout and socialize with friends since that has plummeted in a drastic way since starting busy season and working out of town more often.

We called up the Larson's and I decided I NEEDED some Orange Leaf. Of course, fat snowflakes were falling from the heavens, but this girl needed her froyo. AND when we arrived at OL they finally had the toffee flavor that I have been waiting for them to get for forever now! YIPPEE!

After froyo we all hit up the bowling alley. I haven't been bowling in forever and it was fun! My first round was terrible but I ramped up my play the second game and probably could have been close to doubling my first score if our lane didn't shut down when our 1 hour time expired in the 9th frame! 2 things I loved about bowling. 1. That I love people watching and so does Kara! 2. They played that LMFAO "Sexy and I know it" song a total of THREE times while we were there, none of us are typically fans of that kinda stuff but it was funny how we all were bobbing our heads and dancing to the beat!

After bowling we hit up Winchells (a local restaurant/bar) and the boys split a pitcher while the girls sipped on H20 and munched on nachos while watching the Pats slam down the poor little Broncos.

Do you see what I wrote?!!? This girl did THREE different activities in one night. Impressive! What fun!

Sunday consisted of CLEANING mainly with a break for church at Southland with the Larsons and Chipotle for lunch! The Larson's saved us by watching our dogs for a couple hours while we "de-doggified" the house cause we were showing it to someone. After meticulously scrubbing the house for days upon days and hours upon hours the guy ended up being here for maybe 15 minutes and he was out! (he does own 3-4 units in our area already so he was familiar with the area). He did mention how great our house looked though, it made me feel proud of all the work Michael, his parents, and a little bit of me put into it! Say a little prayer for us that we get a good offer this week!!!

And now that we just got back from bible study my eyes are burning telling me its time to go to bed. Sadly I had to load up my suitcase again for another week of work, but hopefully it goes well and I can keep on track with my reading and exercising which are some of the good things that come out of my little lonesome work routine.

I hope you all had a great weekend!! I'll try to blog when I have something blog-worthy!

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