Monday, January 2, 2012


I cannot believe it is already January 2nd. Goodness gracious, where has my work break gone?!?! I woke up this morning sad knowing that tomorrow I'll be waking up to a blaring alarm and will be forced to shower and not wear sweatpants and watch "How I met Your Mother" ALLLL day long. But that also means it will be time for a fresh start to my year!!

I think getting back into my routine will be AWESOME. I have missed the drive of wanting to workout and once I'm back on schedule I don't think that will be an issue!

ANYWHOOO....who wants to hear about my New years EVE?! I do I do!!

Ok, well to sum it up I'd say shenanigans. It was crazy awesome.

I mean to start the day off we headed over to Andrea and Matt's house to watch the UK vs. Louisville basketball (HUGE in state rivalry) and this is the first time in a LONG time that UK and Louisville were ranked in the top 5! It was an intense game but UK pulled the win!! YIPPEE!!

We brought the dogs with us and this is what Willis did the ENTIRE TIME!
Michael's mom modeled the UK sweater vest we got her for Christmas! Super cute!

 Then the "OHHH face cake" commercial came on and we HAD to get a picture of Michael next to it!
 When we got home Willis still had treats sticking out of his mouth!
 Then it was time to head to NKY to celebrate the New Year at the Robertson's newer apartment, AKA not the condo! It was a classy affair of course with about 10 of us eating some delicious prepared food that Bailey made and hanging out ALLLL night! Good times were had!! We somehow entertained ourselves without much television for 7 hours!

We even played around with this alcohol infused chocolate whipped cream Lisa gave me for Christmas. Super random and lets say different whipped cream.
 Mollie was obviously offended about the straws
 The boys were goofy as always, along with Mary Kate in the background!
 Chris and his friend Alex were more on the normal side of course
 Jason and Mary Kate, cute as always!
 And of course Michael and I for some reason never took any pictures together that night!

But I did get a bunch with Bailey, I won't bore you with them all cause they all look exactly the same, especially with Hagan photo-bombing!
 Silly faces from Ashley were made of up the weird brown staining whipped cream off my face

 Boys being silly...again...

We all had a great time and cheers about 3 million times with Champagne at midnight. And somehow all of us old folks were able to stay up until 3 am and we all woke up around 9. Crazy old folks we are!!

And there ya have it. How I spent my new years, with people I love and people who are tons of fun that I happen to love too!! I hope you had a wonderful new years too!!

Hopefully a goals/resolutions post to come. We'll see, i'm not promising much on my last day of freeeeedom!

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